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Notes From Mid-America Trucking Show

By Rob Kerby

We were tasked with the job of researching transportation trade shows in the United States in order to target US trucking companies traveling to Ontario and to areas near this province’s borders. While there are plenty of carriers here, there is an overwhelming amount of freight shipped north of the border from all over the United States. This was a fertile market we wanted to explore.
After months of deliberation we decided on the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a welcome reprieve to travel south after the winter we’ve had – the winter that never seems to end.
We also decided to take one of our flagship heavy wreckers to enter in to the Show & Shine competition, partly to show off our equipment but also with the aim of attracting potential customers.
Away we went. With trucks loaded with our gear and the Rotator gleaming we looked forward to nicer weather for our stay down south.
Our first hiccup – there’s always a hiccup – was the Interstate 75 in Detroit which was under construction. After what felt like a 70 KM detour through some of Detroit’s finest areas we finally reconnected with Interstate 75 and proceeded southbound. The rest of the trip down was uneventful until we entered Kentucky. Then it started snowing and by the time it ended Louisville, Kentucky had a fresh blanket of 11 inches of snow. Really? We came south for a truck show and we get buried in snow. So much for a clean and shiny truck, but we had a plan and had booked the truck for a wash for when we arrived just in case.
After setting up our displays inside the show we redirected our attention to the Show & Shine area outside. Fortunately for us the guys shined up the Rotator and once again it looked great.
Surrounding us at the show was an unbelievable display of chrome and custom paint. Anyone would be amazed, despite the 6 inches of snow blanketing the top of every truck.
The venue was impressive if for nothing else than its sheer size. The front hall of the Kentucky Exposition Center approximates the size of the entire International Center in Toronto. It was exhausting to tour the main hall and several others that meandered throughout the building, but there was so much to see we didn’t want to stop.
The hospitality of the people from Kentucky was second to none, as it was from folks from all over who converged at this great event. We also ran into several people from our neck of the woods, some who have been coming here for years.
Hooray Canada! It was nice to witness support for the industry from home.
Overall it was a fantastic show despite the obstacles, and we look forward to another great event next year at the Mid-America Trucking Show.
Thanks for your hospitality Kentucky!
For more information, visit www.abrams.ca, call 866.667.5438 or 416.398.2500.

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