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Acela Fills Severe Duty Niche

By Marek Krasuski

Calgary recently hosted the Global Petroleum Show at Stampede Park, attracting thousands of spectators, professionals, delegates, and exhibitors from 110 countries. Calgary is widely considered to be the Canadian hub of expertise in the energy sector, and companies here proudly displayed their latest advancements in technology and equipment.
Among those in the running for product excellence was the Acela Truck Company, producer of extreme-duty 4×4 and 6×6 trucks. Acela was on hand to launch the company’s Monterra truck line, noted for their ability to withstand the rigours of punishing work environments. The company, in fact, was established to meet the needs of the oil industry as stakeholders complained about the lack of appropriate vehicles for medium-duty applications capable of handling extreme conditions, noted Acela President, David Ronsen. “There isn’t a truck that can handle the rugged environments of the Canadian Oil Sands, pipeline construction of off-highway exploration with a long life cycle and a cost-effective price point. So we came on board to fill that niche and help our customers improve productivity while cutting their capital costs with the most capable truck chassis they’ve ever had,” he said.
Earlier versions of the latest Monterra model have proven themselves in mining settings for over seven years with a reported uptime performance record of over 92 percent – a watershed achievement, the company says, given the extreme conditions under which the Monterra operates. Key features include 46-inch Tires (4- or 6-AWD), 22-inch Ground Clearance, 330HP Turbo-Charged Caterpillar 7.2L Diesel Engine, 54-foot Turning Radius, Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS), 22-year Chassis corrosion protection, 90% parts commonality, Over-the-road configuration with extreme off-road capability, and Easy Service body configuration.
Acela credits the Monterra for its easy lateral transition from a war-zone to a work-zone vehicle as it was originally designed for, and used in US Military applications, particularly conflict-ridden parts of the world where dependability was essential. As in their military applications these FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles) trucks which have achieved the US Army’s “ultra reliable” status for the past 17 years, have been re-purposed for commercial use while maintaining key components with extreme duty parts such as axles, suspensions and drivetrains.
Vocational applications for the Monterra are diverse. “Anywhere you have big ‘yellow iron’ is where our trucks would be applicable,” said Louise Musial, Acela’s Marketing Director, drawing special attention to cost savings and versatility. “Monterra trucks are built to service the large yellow equipment and surrounding operational and logistical onsite needs. Service road maintenance is a cost that can frequently be significantly reduced or even eliminated by switching to the Monterra. Our trucks have the capability to get virtually anywhere that large tracked equipment can,” she said. Indeed, the Monterra is well suited to the mining, logging, heavy civil construction, and pipeline sectors as well as wild land firefighting.
Of note to stakeholders is the competitive price point, an advantage to customers which is attributed to a track record of several years’ research & development. “Because we aren’t building these from scratch, the expensive part has already been absorbed by Uncle Sam. Acela performs a rigorous reset process that includes complete drivetrain diagnostics, complete chassis inspection and teardown, paint and replacement of over 600 parts as part of our final assembly process,” explained Louise Musial while pointing to the four pillars of the noted Acela Truck Advantage: lower cost of ownership, ease of and lower cost of maintenance, on or off highway capability, and Acela’s warranty.
Acela’s signature Monterra comes in 4×4 and 6×6 configurations. The 6×6 is known for its maneuverability in tight job sites with a 22-inch ground clearance that allows access to the worst surface conditions and offers up to 30,000 lbs. (13,607 kg) of off-road payload capacity. Further, a fully loaded 4×4 provides 8 inches more ground clearance than any other truck in its class, according to the company. Options include high-speed gearing, air ride seats, 3 person cabs, backup camera and alarm, and trailer tow package.
Meanwhile, the Monterra 6×6 configuration is also available in Tractor model, allowing for easy hauling in and over challenging worksites. It yields up to 25,800 lbs. of off road payload capacity and boasts an ability to dramatically improve operational capabilities and productivity on the job site. As with its 4×4 counterpart the 6×6 model also has 8-inch ground clearance when fully loaded. Both models offer the same popular options.
Of note to consumers looking for reliability and toughness is Acela’s comprehensive and certified Reset process. Trained technicians perform a complete teardown of vehicles where every fixed component on the cab and chassis is replaced and upgraded with over 600 new and certified OEM-parts and reassembled according to strict LEAN processes. A total makeover enables Acela to provide like-new vehicles with severe-duty capabilities at significantly lower price points than comparable new trucks, confirms Acela President David Ronsen. “It’s time North America has access to a superior truck that can withstand the most tortuous work environments. Companies are continually forced to do more with less and our trucks provide increased uptime and productivity at a fraction of the cost of inferior equipment.”
For more information contact www.acelatruck.com.

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