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News & Views by Mike Whalen

You’ve no doubt noticed the changes that have, and are, taking place in our publications. The impact that the move to Internet advertising has had on the print magazine industry has made all publishers look at the editorial focus of their publication and see if they answer the following questions.
Are we reaching a demographic of value to the advertiser?
It can be said that the Canadian truck market is made up of two categories, general freight tractor-trailers and vocational, purpose-built, work trucks and trailers.
A large percentage of general freight operators are cross border carriers domiciled in the USA. The Canadian based truck population leans heavily to the vocational side. Trucks and trailers in the general freight category are usually replaced ahead of major maintenance requirements. A good number of these trucks are then re-purposed and moved to the vocational side.
Our readership, the vocational/work truck operators in Canada, range from owner-operators and small to medium sized contractors – plus larger vocational operators, such as major construction companies, utilities, municipalities, etc. – that represent over two thirds of the Canadian parts and service market value.
Is the content of our publication(s) of value to the reader?
Virtually all surveys made by trade publications and trade groups asking readers to rate the editorial they would like to see in a trade magazine receive the same reply: New Technology, Parts & Components plus Maintenance Tips and Procedures that will reduce operating costs. To make sure we give you what you want let us know the content catagories that you want covered
Internet advertising works! But only if you spend time ‘surfing the net’. The small to medium sized contractor, and the many owner-operators working for these contractors – in construction, logging, municipal, utilities, mining, urban logistics, etc. – don’t have the time or inclination. But, when interest is peaked – by seeing an ad or reading an article – they will then go on line to find out more about that product. That’s our mission – to let you know about new technology, parts and service procedures.
And when do your prospective customers read trade publications? Break time, wait time (think loader or dump truck owner), bath- room time, etc. And when they do read their favorite publication it will be to find out about new technology, products and service techniques. Free time – nights and weekends – will be consumed by family, sports, yard-work, etc.
A prospective customer reacts to need and usually goes to the brand or supplier they have used in the past. However, the prospect will follow-up on-line after reading about a new product or service that reduces operating costs – or makes life easier.
Our focus has shifted to providing our advertisers a way to reach the fragmented vocational/work truck market segments.
We want to be our advertisers partner in marrying our readers need with the product or service that will satisfy that need.
Our regional magazines, Western Trucking News, Ontario Trucking News and Eastern Trucking News, now include in their logos “Serving the Vocational Truck & Trailer Industry”.
We recognize that vocational/work trucks and trailers are the backbone of the Canadian trucking industry and that these purpose-built trucks and trailers are in service longer, and consume more parts and components, than those employed in on-high- way environments.
We are now the only Canadian cross-market publications providing spec and tech information applicable to owners and operators of trucks and off-highway vehicles in the many vocational market segments.

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