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Shane Cutler started his consulting firm to help trucking companies cope with regulations and improve their safety performance just two years ago, and he’s already up to more than 150 fleets in Ontario, with plans to expand to other regions of Canada. His Ontario-based company, Cutler TCMS (Transportation Compliance Management Services) provides risk assessment, driver training and regulatory compliance to freight-hauling companies ranging in size from small operators to large fleets. His job is to identify the potential hazards and risky practices that could, if not corrected, eventually get a carrier into trouble. To do his job effectively means some occasionally blunt conversations with clients. He has told a few, “If I owned this company I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.” A leading cause of such sleeplessness, and trouble down the road, is the lack of a strong driver-training program, which Cutler considers key to safe operating. “If I talk to a company and they’re not interested in driver training, we don’t want to work with them.” That’s where the CarriersEdge suite of online training modules for drivers, and the management tracking and administrative tools to back them up, comes in. There are lots of training programs out there, Cutler says, but he uses CarriersEdge because of how it addresses the problems he helps customers solve through its emphasis on verifiable training. The word “verifiable,” Cutler adds, is just as important as the word “training.” Cutler knew of the CarriersEdge program through the companies he worked at before launching his own consulting firm. That experience was what convinced him to include it as an integral part of the menu of services he provides. Cutler is a fan of CarriersEdge training for several reasons. First, there’s the breadth and depth of course titles and subjects. Cutler uses CarriersEdge courses on topics including hours-of-service rules, pre-trip inspections and driver fatigue, in orientation programs for new drivers. To make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of safety policies, Cutler has everyone in the company, including managers and office workers, take the training. “It sets a standard for the whole company,” he says. He also likes the interactive structure of CarriersEdge courses, in which quizzes test and enhance retention and recall of course material. It’s one thing to hold a drivers’ meeting, show a training video and assume that’s good enough. Cutler likes the fact that CarriersEdge course-management tools track a driver’s participation and progress, including retakes to improve performance. With an increasingly multi-cultural and multi-lingual transportation workforce, having courses in Spanish, French and even Punjabi means fleet managers know they’ve communicated vital safety practices and policies to drivers in languages they’re comfortable in. But perhaps the most attractive element is that element of verification. Regulators like Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation require companies to maintain documented proof that the driver is qualified. For some companies and programs, Cutler says, that recordkeeping consists of a sign-in sheet at a driver meeting, or having the driver sign the back of a training booklet that gets thrown in a file cabinet. Some, he adds, don’t even do that much. That’s a problem when a company finds itself in court. “Without the verified training in the files, you can only assume the company didn’t do what it was supposed to do,” he says. CarriersEdge, by contrast, is not just a collection of courses but a training management system that tracks drivers’ participation and performance. “CarriersEdge shows the interaction between the driver and the actual course,” Cutler says. “It’s a way of keeping people accountable and the company compliant with regulations.” The cost of using such a program, he adds, is minimal compared with the cost of being found out of compliance with regulations or liable for an accident on the grounds of insufficient training. That’s why Cutler puts such an emphasis on verifiable training, provided through CarriersEdge, as a crucial element – “adding concrete to the foundation,” as he puts it – in how he helps companies increase safety and reduce risk. Cutler has more than two decades of professional experience in transportation, beginning as a driver and working his way through a series of safety, training and compliance positions before launching his own company in 2016. Based on that experience, Cutler calls CarriersEdge “the best tool there is” for providing drivers training and verifying they’ve received it. “There’s nothing better.” Partnering with CarriersEdge, he adds, “has been a large part of our growth. It provides accurate, updated information that drivers need to know, in a format that’s easy to use and manage and that gets results. That gives us an added level of credibility with our clients.”

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