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Expanded Production Infrastructure

President & CEO (Michel Parent, left) and General Manager (Daniel Frenette, right).

Since 1995, Alutrec has been designing and building flatbed trailers entirely made of aluminum. The strength of the company begins with the expertise and dedication of its staff. Each member of the team is committed to developing and offering innovative road transportation solutions.
Alutrec has already demonstrated proven efficiencies in its trailers, and now the company seeks to further enhance its customers’ experience. If “Change” was Alutrec’s key-word for 2016, this year’s motto will be “Enhancement”. With a bigger plant and a renewed leadership, Alutrec is up to the challenge to satisfy its current and future customers’ needs.
Several Upgrades are in Store!
Time has always been a cornerstone for every customer who needs to replace a trailer or to increase its fleet. The addition of new production lines for the standard products and a dedicated one for specialized products is one of the many changes that will greatly augment Alutrec’s production rate.

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Tools & Equipment of Full Service Shop

By Marek Krasuski

Equipping service shops involves a diverse range of tools and infrastructure, requiring everything from diagnostics, tools (manual & hydraulic), hoists, test meters, electronics, welding & cutting tools, vehicles and accessories. Even software comes into the mix with some providers promising greater returns. Fullbay Heavy Duty Shop Software is a case in point, claiming that some service centres that use their cloud based program see a 30 percent increase per tech. The company says efficiencies are enhanced by expediting parts and authorization is faster. Recruitment of technicians is made more attractive thanks to a faster repair process, and better margins are realized with quick markup calculations and profit monitoring in real time.
Good technicians are the linchpin to an effective operation, so the provision of excellent equipment is crucial given the challenging tasks they perform. They often work in awkward positions and are required to crouch, stoop, climb and kneel. They handle heavy parts and tools that render them vulnerable to back and other injuries, not to mention arthritis and other ailments as they age. With more complex engines housing electronic systems, technicians must be proficient with software and electronics. This, in addition to a familiarity with diesel emissions controls which demand an understanding of alternative fuel powered engines such as LNG, CNG, and electric drive systems.
Recruiting qualified technicians is no easy feat. The demographic trend parallels that of the trucker – technicians are aging out and there’s a shortage of new recruits, so much so that some service centres will target reputable technicians with an offer that they name their own price.

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Timely Invoice Payouts

Factor Financing or simply “Factoring” is one of the world’s oldest forms of commerce, and today accounts for over $3 Trillion in annual transactions. Though widely-used in the Transportation sector, the benefits of factoring are still misunderstood by some carriers and brokers.

What is transportation factoring?

Factoring is a form of asset-based lending in which you select and sell outstanding invoices to a factoring company, “the Factor”. In turn the factor gives you a cash advance equal to 90-95% of the invoice amount. The remainder is held in ‘Reserve’. The factor then takes over the responsibility to collect on the invoice directly from your client. When your client pays an outstanding invoice amount to the factor (30 – 90 days later), you will often receive a rebate of ‘Reserve’ funds, less the factor’s fee – typically 1.5% – 5% of the invoice amount.

What are the benefits of factoring?

Even if a company is profitable and growing, if you don’t have enough cash flow to support that growth, you could still go out of business. Factoring provides the necessary cash flow to stay in business and allows you to accept new business as quickly as you can get it. Some trucking companies can grow from 1-2 trucks to 10-20 trucks in less than a year! Also if bank financing is not an option, factoring gives you the necessary work capital so you DO NOT have to take on an investor who could take control of your company.
Finally if you are going to factor, insist on a non-recourse factoring. Non-recourse factors guarantee their cash advances, while full recourse factors will “charge back” their cash advance if your client takes too long to pay. You will be required to repay the money or replace the invoice plus their fees. Moreover since non-recourse factors do not “charge back” they have built in incentives to treat your clients with the highest level of respect, which makes you and your company look good.

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Minimizer Sponsors BP Robotics Team Blooming Prairie, Minnesota – The Blooming Prairie robotics team, known for its baseball-inspired uniforms and nickname – the Wrench Warmers – received a boost from Minimizer in 2017. The aftermarket semi-truck parts company donated components of “Shelby,” the Wrench Warmers robot, by utilizing a rare resource – Minimizer’s 3D printer.…

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