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Four Camera Video is a Must

Dash Cams only record about 8 feet in front of a truck. What about the other 150+ feet of the truck & trailer? The 4 Camera Windshield Cam System video records all 150+ feet on all 4 sides of the truck & trailer. Video Surveillance on the front, left and right sides, and behind the trailer protects you 24/7 against theft, vandalism, hit & runs, assault/robbery, traffic accidents, road rage incidents and provides a real time backup camera. Obviously, the area behind the truck and trailer is the driver’s biggest blind spot. Rear Cameras are law on all new cars and pickups, but commercial trucks are the vehicles that could make the best use of them. The 2 side cameras are very important in providing proof of who sideswiped who, merging accidents, wide right turn and t-bone accidents, fuel or tire chain theft, drug/weapon smugglers etc. The rear camera can record any tampering or theft from the rear of vans or reefer units, even alerting the driver if he is inside the bunk. It can also be placed on a headache rack to monitor loading/unloading problems and to view the load on a flat deck while driving. The Windshield Cam Unit records video from all 4 cameras 24/7 for 2 weeks (optional 4 weeks) continuously before automatically starting over. And for anyone considering one of those car “dash cams” that are being marketed for commercial trucks, beware. The recording time is only a few hours (not long enough for a trucker), night recording on the highway is very poor or nonexistent, and reliability is also a big issue. Protecting the truck driver and truck & trailer requires a true 3 or 4 camera surveillance system. With the Windshield Cam System being able to review video up to 14 days previous (or optionally a month) is a huge benefit. The Windshield Cam can actually see further down the road at night than you can see out the windshield with your own eyes. And it sees through fog very well too. This can be a big bonus for truck drivers driving at night or in foggy conditions.

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Annual Conference Lineup

The Fleet Safety Council is proud to unveil the exciting lineup scheduled for this year’s 26th Annual Educational Conference. The conference will be held on Friday, October 20, 2017 at the Centre for Health and Safety Innovation at 5110 Creekbank Road in Mississauga, Ontario.
This one-day event (which is expected to sell out once again this year) will bring together fleet safety professionals from the truck, bus, courier, ready-mix, and waste management industries as well as insurance companies and other related businesses to discuss the latest industry trends.
The conference committee is pleased to announce John G. Smith from Truck News will be our Master of Ceremonies. John will also be the moderator of a high profile Transportation Legal Panel discussion that is one of the key components of this year’s event.
The first session will provide information on promoting diversity and gaining insight on generational influence on the trucking industry as well as underused markets such as female drivers.
Jane Jazrawy is CEO of CarriersEdge, and creators of Best Fleets to Drive For program. It takes a special mindset for women to succeed in trucking – one that allows them to see opportunities where others don’t, and one that allows them to deal with the harsh realities of working in a man’s world.

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Why You Need to Move to ELD Now!

By Wayne Candy

Exciting times ahead for the transportation industry! We are closing in fast on the pending ELD (Electronic Logging Device) mandate in the United States. Shortly thereafter we will have our own Canadian ELD rule as well so it would be well advised for those that currently use paper log books to seek professional guidance now to ensure you are in full compliance when the deadline hits. Since the use of ELD’s will be mandatory for commercial vehicle operators it is a good time to look at complementary services such as integrating pretrip inspection reports and fuel usage tracking to take full advantage of the ELD platform. The average transition time to ELD is 12 – 18 Months!
As we move into the world of telematics we are becoming aware of the endless possibilities that are available to commercial vehicle operators. We can find efficiencies and improve employee wellness with custom add-ons. The ELD mandate opens the door to explore many possible opportunities that allow you to grow your business and eliminate administrative tasks that slow you down. It just makes good business sense to make the move to ELD’s now.
So what does an ELD do? They provide much of the same information as a paper log. ELD’s record the driver’s duty status and also must record the date, time, location (using latitude/longitude coordinates), engine hours, vehicle miles, driver identification, authenticated user, vehicle identification, and the motor carrier. The device takes care of all the required functions so the driver doesn’t have to worry about completing paperwork. Once drivers become used to using an ELD they will wonder why they have not switched sooner.

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Trucker’s Blend Of Fresh, Roasted Coffee

By Marek Krasuski

Like many a trucker who loves the job, Dan Leslie has trucking coursing through his veins. Dan loves trucking, and he loves serving the trucking industry – especially the men and women on the road – in any way he can. In Dan’s case he appeals to the trucker palette with his own blends of aromatic and flavourful coffees. True to his trucking roots, and to the respect for his fellow truckers, Dan Leslie’s latest coffee is aptly named Dan’s Truckers Blend. This signature, mid-range blend is cultivated from coffee beans grown in Costa Rica. All the ingredients were in place for a coffee which is always fresh and made from 100 percent Arabica beans, and available in medium and dark roast, ground or whole beans. Dan explains why this Costa Rican brand of coffee fits so well into his service offering. “I love coffee, I love Costa Rica, and I love trucks and the transportation industry. Since the age of 19 I have been a truck driver, company owner and Broker, so coming up with the idea, and the ideal product and naming it Dan’s Truckers Blend Coffee was an easy decision,” he explained.

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