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Casting Recruitment Net Farther

By Marek Krasuski


The driver shortage is nothing new. Some date it back to the 1980’s when it was thought that throwing money at the problem would alleviate the shortage. Recent updates confirm that the shortage is not only continuing but getting worst. The Canadian Trucking Alliance’s most recent study, Understanding the Truck Driver Supply and Demand Gap, says a scarcity of some 34,000 drivers is expected by 2024 based on current trends, with a possible increased shortage of 48,000 by the same year depending on how these trends change between now and then.

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Veronica Way Account Executive A people person right from the start, Veronica Way found her life’s work early by matching her personal strengths with a career in sales and later in customer service as manager in the hospitality industry. She seamlessly applies both in her position as Account Executive for the past two and a…

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Marek Krasuski Editor in Chief Marek brings to Woodward Publishing a diverse educational and journalism background. His degrees in English (B.A. University of Western Ontario) and Humanities (M.A. Laurentian University) served him well, first in teaching and later in journalism. For more than a decade he has worked as a reporter and columnist for several…

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Halina Mikicki Sales Executive, Bilingual With her many talents developed through a diverse background, Halina’s contributions have been integral to the growth of Woodward Publishing. Her multilingual skills – she is fluent in English, French and Polish – continue to support this organization’s efforts to reach out to the nation’s many cultural communities. Halina is…

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