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Does Your E.L.D. Make Your Company Compliant?

By Marek Krasuski

As a young dynamic company specializing in the outsourcing of E.L.D. (Electronic Log Device) administration, CompliancyPlus E.L.D. Administrative Services is backed by a team of professionals highly experienced in trucking, E.L.D. software integration, and programming. This is why Operations Director, Grant Conrad, confidently draws attention to the unique services of this growing and robust organization.
CompliancyPlus is an outsourcing alternative for E.L.D. administration within the operations of transportation companies. Where it differs from many competitors is in reconciling driver logs with H.O.S. (Hours of Service) requirements recorded by E.L.D. activity reports. Drivers are obliged by law to log into E.L.D.’s to record their Record Of Duty Status (R.O.D.S.) or record them on a paper log at the beginning of each work day/shift. The E.L.D. is connected to the Electronic Control Module (E.C.M.) and records everything the vehicle does during the course of the day, including the driver’s H.O.S. When a driver fails to record his/her workday on an E.L.D. or on a Paper Log, the Administrator, who is typically employed by Carriers, has to find out who was operating the vehicle by reconciling the Company records and vehicle events recorded by the E.L.D. Precious time and resources are wasted in the search for company records to reconcile this information, and then assign it to the driver responsible for not logging his/her own hours.

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Factoring – More than Math

Factoring is more than a math term. It’s a solution to one of business’s most common problems: cash flow. So, whether your business needs working capital to expand or to cover operating costs, factoring can help your business reach its goals.
What Is Factoring?
Factoring is when your business sells its invoices to a third party for a discounted rate. The third party then assumes all liability of non-payment. This means that you’re not liable if you don’t get paid, the lender is responsible. Rather than wait for weeks, or even months for slow paying customers you can obtain working capital by selling your invoices to J D Factors at an agreed upon rate.
Factoring gives your business predictable income and a steady flow of working capital, making it easier to invest in growing your business.
J D Factors provides non-recourse factoring. That means that if an invoice is not paid for credit reasons then you are not liable. JD Factors assumes the risk.

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Next Generation Idle-Free Climate Control

The Airworks® Genesis 100 is a revolutionary product engineered and manufactured by well-known Canadian manufacturer, Tiger Tool International Incorporated. Tiger Tool has had a presence in the commercial transportation industry for over 30 years and has built its reputation on designing and manufacturing tools that are cutting-edge, safe to use, and of the highest quality. Built on the backbone of Tiger Tool, Airworks incorporated these same principles into the Genesis 100 – the most advanced, state-of-the-art electric air-conditioning system that’s perfect for both individual rigs and entire fleets.
Having had previous experience in the electric-powered air-conditioning industry provided Tiger Tool with insight into common electrical and hardware issues associated with these systems. Topping the list were issues associated with safety, short run-time, and overall longevity. We recognized that these deficiencies would have to be addressed to make battery-operated units a feasible alternative to traditional engine-driven systems. “Airworks was conceived because we knew we could apply our manufacturing expertise and passion for quality products to deliver a superior air-conditioning unit that would out-perform the competition in every way”.

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Danatec Gets Faster Danatec Educational Services is pleased to announce that they have taken a major step in increasing efficiency of delivery of reference materials. In response to changing customer needs, we are transitioning all of our digital reference materials from DVD/CD format to USB. This will increase efficiency of delivery and decrease delivery time.…

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