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Does Your E.L.D. Make Your Company Compliant?

By Marek Krasuski

As a young dynamic company specializing in the outsourcing of E.L.D. (Electronic Log Device) administration, CompliancyPlus E.L.D. Administrative Services is backed by a team of professionals highly experienced in trucking, E.L.D. software integration, and programming. This is why Operations Director, Grant Conrad, confidently draws attention to the unique services of this growing and robust organization.
CompliancyPlus is an outsourcing alternative for E.L.D. administration within the operations of transportation companies. Where it differs from many competitors is in reconciling driver logs with H.O.S. (Hours of Service) requirements recorded by E.L.D. activity reports. Drivers are obliged by law to log into E.L.D.’s to record their Record Of Duty Status (R.O.D.S.) or record them on a paper log at the beginning of each work day/shift. The E.L.D. is connected to the Electronic Control Module (E.C.M.) and records everything the vehicle does during the course of the day, including the driver’s H.O.S. When a driver fails to record his/her workday on an E.L.D. or on a Paper Log, the Administrator, who is typically employed by Carriers, has to find out who was operating the vehicle by reconciling the Company records and vehicle events recorded by the E.L.D. Precious time and resources are wasted in the search for company records to reconcile this information, and then assign it to the driver responsible for not logging his/her own hours.CompliancyPlus is the Carrier’s answer to wasted time and expense in the retrieval of information caused by driver neglect. Grant Conrad explains: “We take on the responsibility of retrieving records and notify the Carrier that a driver must produce a log for a previously unrecorded driving event. Our job is to ensure that company records are reconciled with the data provided by the E.L.D.,” he said.
CompliancyPlus is committed to extending its services beyond traditional support by offering training to customer safety departments, operations managers, dispatchers, and a 24/7 help line for drivers.
CompliancyPlus has also aligned itself with Omnitracs, a premier provider of E.L.D. management and noted for being “the most efficient and cost effective solution for Electronic Log Device management available on the market today.” Regardless of E.L.D. providers however, CompliancyPlus administrative services are available to all Carriers.
The importance of compliance cannot be overstated, and employees of this growing company are excited to participate in the provision of effective and comparably inexpensive management services. “Non- compliant companies can ruin the lives of drivers and their families,” says company assistant, Crystal. “What we’re doing here is saving lives.”
“It just makes sense, our services solve a huge unaddressed problem,” confirms David, an experienced E.L.D. software integration technician.
“Where else are you going to get someone to monitor 40 of your drivers for just 20 bucks a day,” noted Doug, an Owner Operator and small fleet owner with 25 years’ experience. Indeed, cost effectiveness is a hallmark of this company’s program. Basic packages, which include H.O.S. real time monitoring, 24/7 help line, maintenance of unassigned driving events, data population and facility file maintenance, and driver non-compliance reporting are available for less than 50 cents per day per unit. To be sure, proper maintenance of company records is crucial to the well being of every carrier in this highly regulated industry, and CompliancyPlus has staked its reputation on providing excellence in compliance standards.
An experienced driver with 16 years on the road and over 2,000,000 kilometres under his belt, Operations Director Grant Conrad assures his customers and their drivers that trucking is still a lucrative and rewarding profession. “I know a driver can still make money using E.L.D.s, but I also know as an experienced E.L.D. Administrator, an E.L.D. on its own does not guarantee full compliance for either the driver or the Carrier. And that’s where we can help – by ensuring that company records align with E.L.D. information to guarantee full compliance with H.O.S. requirements.”
Trust your compliance concerns with the experts at CompliancyPlus E.L.D. Administrative Services, visit www.compliancyplus.ca.

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