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Trucker’s Blend Of Fresh, Roasted Coffee

By Marek Krasuski

Like many a trucker who loves the job, Dan Leslie has trucking coursing through his veins. Dan loves trucking, and he loves serving the trucking industry – especially the men and women on the road – in any way he can. In Dan’s case he appeals to the trucker palette with his own blends of aromatic and flavourful coffees. True to his trucking roots, and to the respect for his fellow truckers, Dan Leslie’s latest coffee is aptly named Dan’s Truckers Blend. This signature, mid-range blend is cultivated from coffee beans grown in Costa Rica. All the ingredients were in place for a coffee which is always fresh and made from 100 percent Arabica beans, and available in medium and dark roast, ground or whole beans. Dan explains why this Costa Rican brand of coffee fits so well into his service offering. “I love coffee, I love Costa Rica, and I love trucks and the transportation industry. Since the age of 19 I have been a truck driver, company owner and Broker, so coming up with the idea, and the ideal product and naming it Dan’s Truckers Blend Coffee was an easy decision,” he explained.In 2015 Dan Leslie brought his years of coffee roasting experience to the blending of different coffees from his Costa Rican supplier, and since then truckers, his principal target market, have embraced Dan’s Truckers Blend with an enthusiasm by many matched by Dan’s desire to service the industry. “The main reason for the whole concept is to bring trucker’s morale back up to where I believe it once was. When I trucked back in the 70s trucking was kind of a romantic job and the public had great respect for the trucker. These days I am still in the industry but do not see the respect of days past. Having visited various truck stops in the past year or so, whenever I showed a trucker the package with Truckers Blend on it I could see a small glint in their eye,” he said of the response to his product which continues to earn nods of approval from industry professionals. Last February, for example, Dan’s Costa Rican blended coffee was “cupped,” an industry term and practice akin to wine tasting. The testing was undertaken by a renowned independent cupper. Dan’s blend earned a score of 8.5 which placed it in the distinctive ‘specialty coffee’ category.
In keeping with an ethic of hard work and honesty, Dan Leslie proudly partners with one of the largest fair trade coffee cooperatives in the region which includes some 1,200 farms. Fair Trade is a certification standard assuring that farmers receive a fair price for their crop as well as a guarantee there are no forced labour or child work practices on fair trade plantations.
With both trucking and coffee close to his heart Dan hopes his “truckers’ coffee” will boost the morale of truckers. To this end Dan Leslie, a former Ontario Truck Driving Championship winner, served Dan’s Truckers Blend Coffee at the recent Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association Truck Driving Championships in Masstown, Nova Scotia on May 27.
Dan urges employers and fleets to participate in his morale boosting efforts. “I think it would be great if the management of trucking companies would give Dan’s Truckers Blend Coffee to their drivers in rooms and lounges. This would help with morale,” he concluded.
For more information, contact www.danscoffee.ca or call Dan at 902.587.2435.

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