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Dieter’s Metal Fabricating

Big Rig, Big Investment – Stainless Steel Accessories for Today’s Professional Drivers

When you own or operate a big rig – it is a big investment. Knowing that customers need reliable, high quality products that are built to outlast and outshine – Dieter’s strives to keep their reputation stainless.
Listening to the customer and delivering a product that is worthy of your hard earned dollars, is just one of the key successes behind Dieter’s. As the high-quality accessory manufacturer of choice for North America’s heavy truck OEM’s, Dieter’s stands behind their products. After all, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
“Being known as one of the most respected names in the truck aftermarket industry has come by listening to our customers,“ said Dieter’s Vice President Peter Hohendorn. “And then delivering a product that not only meets their expectations but exceeds them. We take our reputation as a trusted name in truck accessories seriously.”
The accessories designed and manufactured at Dieter’s use only high-quality 304 mirror finish stainless steel – which is non-magnetic and non-corroding. Using the 304 grade stainless steel is another distinguishing factor from competitors – who often opt for the lower grade 400-series stainless steel.
“We believe most customers still prefer quality when it comes to their accessories, especially exterior products that are subjected to harsh environmental conditions. After all, stainless is all about appearance, how good will they look if they rust or corrode within the first year?” said Colin Thur, Dieter’s National Sales Manager. “At Dieter’s we source higher nickel content in our stainless steel, which allows it to look great through first ownership – if not the lifetime of your truck.”
Accessories produced at Dieter’s don’t just belong in a show-and-shine, but on the highways and backroads of North America.
“The more popular accessories provide both function and style,” commented Thur. Among them extended sun visors that greatly help reduce eyestrain, fender guards and bug deflectors that protect against high mileage wear and tear, and cab and sleeper panels – designed to enhance visibility and safety at night.
The meticulous manufacturing process involved to produce superior quality that underscores Dieter’s international reputation starts with the design team then progresses to the highly trained fabricators – who ensure that products are handled properly through the entire fabrication process to protect products from dents and scratches.
“Our core business is manufacturing semi-truck parts and accessories,” said Hohendorn. “We use #8 finish stainless most often, since the mirrored finish is ideal for decorative parts such as exhaust shields, sun visors, light bars as well as many other accessories.”
Dieter’s has been manufacturing high-quality truck accessories since 1976, when Dieter Hohendorn, a highly skilled sheet metal tradesman with a passion for the art of metal fabrication, began building sleepers on trucks. Now, 40 years later, Dieter’s operates under two banners – Dieter’s and Panelite – offering thousands of products. The company has become the largest, most trusted and most OEM awarded name in high-quality stainless steel accessories for today’s Big Rigs.
Building on the high-quality products is the company’s commitment to customer service – including standing behind their products with an unbeatable warranty. Confident in the products they manufacture and sell, Dieter’s is required to offer a one year warranty though the OEM distribution channels, however Dieters offers a second year on our stainless steel simply because we can.
Dieter’s is currently the only stainless steel manufacturer in North America that maintains the highest quality standard for the automotive industry – taking pride in being TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified. The company is also ISO 140001 Environmentally certified.
The results of the above are the highest quality stainless steel accessories available at over 2,000 dealerships throughout North America. Out Work, Out Play, Out Drive, Out Last and Out Shine – with high quality custom products for today’s professional drivers.
Visit www.dietersaccessories.com or www.panelite.com for product listings.

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