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Empire of Dream [EOD] Consulting

Changing the Way Innovative Solutions are Delivered

By Marek Krasuski

TLike any enterprise, companies in the commercial transportation industry tend to follow traditional business models. These include targeting clients, providing the best service possible, streamlining operational efficiencies, establishing best practices and solidifying a good corporate image.
Yet truly dynamic companies engage in forward thinking that reaches beyond established parameters. Recognizing the need for creative solutions that lead companies into new growth trajectories, Lorelei Ratushniak established Empire of Dreams (EOD) Consulting. EOD is an ambitious initiative, undertaken by a progressive woman who sees untapped opportunities in transportation and other industries, or “verticals” as described on the company website.
EOD takes a methodical approach to opening opportunities for companies to diversify their customer base. Ratushniak calls attention to the importance of original thinking, an essential requirement for companies dissatisfied with growth levels that have levelled off and show no promise of further expansion. “Typically clients already have a good grasp on the opportunities, people, and resources available to them in their current industry, as that’s where they generate the majority of their revenue. However, outside of their network, and outside of their current industry is where these new opportunities and relationships can be made,” she explained. What’s required, she says, is a more dynamic interface among and between industries. “Through ‘disruption,’ companies are trying to achieve greater diversification and relevance. In creating cross-industry momentum, untapped industry and market segments can be identified and targeted to best suit a company’s product or service,” she continued.
To this end EOD facilitates product and service adoption into new markets for the commercial transportation and other industries, or verticals. It assists clients in identifying which customer engagements, partners and verticals would yield the highest Return on Investment (ROI).
For Lorelei Ratushniak, a young woman securing a firm footing in business, her path into the commercial transportation business was circuitous. When taking time off from pursuing a degree in the liberal arts her attention shifted. “I never expected to have a career, or an interest for that matter, in trucking. But during this period I was made aware of the vast opportunities available in the transportation and mining industries, in large part through my father who has worked in this sector for decades. I started working with a California solutions company that provided cutting edge video cloud solutions to the Transportation industry. In addition to identifying opportunities within transportation, my other responsibility was to implement their solutions into an entirely new vertical – mining – where we identified a strong need for such solutions.” Lorelei Ratushniak soon became Business Development Manager for Canada and North Eastern United States.
Since then she has leveraged her work experience and education into EOD Consulting.
Critics may deride a liberal arts education as too general in a changing economy that demands industry-specific skill sets, but its focus on general knowledge and communication fluency is essential for creating new growth models. As Ratushniak confirms, “In all industries success is largely hinged on effective communication and a well defined process. If a company truly wants to go beyond their current level of success and enter into a new vertical, the first step is developing an innovative model that will sustain and grow their product or solution.”
While acknowledging the robust, vital industry that the transportation sector has evolved in to, EOD Consulting sees strong need for improvements in safety, efficiency and technology adoption. Most companies, EOD observes, take care of the symptoms of a problem and not its root cause. Consequently change is often just temporary as old patterns emerge and well worn behaviours and practices return to their previous, entrenched levels of operation. The introduction, however, of all-encompassing, or as Ratushniak describes, “end to end” technological solutions to transportation, can permanently resolve ongoing challenges, resulting in less harm, greater efficiency, and sustainable growth.
EOD’s creation of new communication models to achieve sustainability and continuous growth is achieved through three primary services – Market Intelligence, Solutions Delivery, and New Vertical/Industry Product Implementation.
Market Intelligence – EOD provides insight into targeted markets by supplying a market opportunity, market dynamics and market development metric reports to aid clients in making more confident and accurate decisions on effective market penetration.
Solutions Delivery – Technological advancements are happening at an extraordinarily fast pace. One of the biggest challenges for new and existing technology providers is the rate at which they need to deliver and successfully implement their solution for a customer. Through leveraging its network of partners and existing industry relationships, EOD quickly connects clients with decision makers in need of their client’s specific product or service.
New Vertical Product Implementation – EOD subscribes to the notion that solutions to a company’s challenges already exist, but are likely to be found in different verticals or industries. Drawing on its experience in determining new applications for loT solutions, EOD has created a more efficient process of mitigating industry challenges by delivering comprehensive solutions and providing creative direction, partnership engagements, and B2B expertise. By spearheading these initiatives EOD is uniquely positioned to survey other markets and regions to determine, and deliver, the most cost effective, and market ready solutions with proof of significant return on investment.
Today, more than ever, a company must continuously evolve and provide superior products and services. By introducing solutions into new industries, EOD is helping businesses broaden their services in other markets and areas of the world – this, thanks in large part to its in-house expertise and assistance from its primary partner, CEMI (Centre for Excellence In Mining Innovation.) CEMI is a Sudbury-based company which provides advanced commercialization services to a wide array of companies within the mining sector. Indeed, leveraging new and existing relationships in targeted markets to connect clients with key decision makers is critical. In business EOD knows that relationships are everything – and they are well prepared to share theirs in commercial transportation and several key verticals; among them Mining, Technology and Innovation, Oil and Gas, and Construction.
For more information on how to leverage your products and services, visit www.empireofdreamsconsulting.com.

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