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Getting the Job Done Right

Over the last 30 years, Tiger Tool has built a reputation as leaders in the light and heavy-duty trucking industry by creating exceptional tools for servicing drivelines and suspensions. The name, “Tiger Tool” is synonymous with the level of quality that most technicians rely on—not only to get the job done, but done right. Being industry leaders isn’t achieved by just creating tools for technicians, it’s accomplished by projecting a certain philosophy to those who Have What It Takes.
When a technician chooses Tiger Tool, they receive more than just a great tool. The level of service delivered is unparalleled, and is evocative of traditional values and principals—qualities seldom found in our technology-driven world. When you call Tiger Tool, you speak to a real person. No dialing “one”, no confusing phone menu—just real people, eager to help you. If you have a new tool idea, the research and development team is there to work with you. If you want to speak with the person who designed your favorite tool, or need help with a buying decision, there is always someone to take your call. From research and development to quality control, all aspects of the business happen under one roof; the value in having every department—and every person—working together so closely, translates to unbeatable service for the customer. Tiger Tool doesn’t just promise professional service, they also really care.
Tiger Tool believes there is always a better way. It’s the philosophy behind every tool that is developed, and it’s the way Tiger Tool runs their business. It is always possible to do a job safer, more efficiently, and with less strain on the technician. Tiger Tool is dedicated to solving the challenges their customers are faced with on a daily basis and are actively involved in the industry, working in collaboration with some of the most prominent OEM’s as well as one-on-one with individual technicians to ensure a broad understanding of the industry demands. Genuinely committed to addressing these struggles, Tiger Tool’s team of designers and product developers are continually working on a variety of ways to improve both the lives and the working conditions of the technicians who use their tools. With a passion for innovation and refusal to accept “good” as “good enough”, Tiger Tool continues to challenge the status quo and raise the bar for its competitors.
Tiger Tool products are built to a standard, not a price. Every tool is manufactured from high grade steel ensuring strength and durability. The shop floor is comprised of a variety of robust, state-of-the-art CNC machines, and passionate, dedicated, machinists who ensure that the details are just right—every time. Tools are hand assembled and hand tested to ensure nothing leaves the facility that the company isn’t proud of. Tiger Tool won’t compromise on quality or safety because they know that people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake. Tiger Tool builds their products the way they would want to use them. That’s non-negotiable. Every Tiger Tool product has quality, reliability and performance built into it and is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry—when you have a Tiger Tool, you know you Have What It Takes.

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