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Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Schmitz Cargobull Refrigerated Truck Bodies

VTT recently spoke with Dave Torrance, Director of Product Development for GINCOR Werx about their exclusive Canadian partnership with Schmitz Cargobull. GINCOR Werx is the exclusive Canadian distributor for world renowned refrigerated truck body builder Schmitz Cargobull. Schmitz Cargobull Truck Bodies are the best in class backed by a century of manufacturing experience.
The patented Ferroplast panel technology is unmatched and provides the best savings to the total cost of ownership. Schmitz Cargobull thermo-technology is the most efficient refrigerated transport truck body on the market.
North American insulated bodies and trailers are typically sheet-and-post construction used for dry freight applications with spacers installed on wall posts and roof bows to accept foam insulation to the desired thickness. Foam is sprayed or injected into the wall cavities turning the dry freight body into an insulated reefer body. In Europe composite panels are widely used. These panels are made specifically for insulated bodies and trailers and are not just a modified dry freight panel.
Advancements in insulation technology in Europe have been driven by a number of differences in their market. Standards for food processing and distribution are far more stringent than in North America. Vehicles carrying food and food products require initial certification and then testing and re-certification over the life of the vehicle. The high cost of fuel in Europe has driven the need to maximize thermal efficiency in bodies and trailers to reduce run-time on refrigeration units and save on fuel and maintenance costs. High transportation costs in Europe have led to an expectation and demand for products with a long life-cycle.
Schmitz Cargobull is the market leader in Europe for insulated bodies and trailers. Their patented Ferroplast panels are unique and offer superior insulation, high strength for long life and absolute vapour-tightness for maximum thermal efficiency over time. Steel skins are bonded to NX17 polyurethane foam to produce a panel that is incredibly strong and structurally superior to other combinations of composite materials like fibreglass and aluminum.
GINCOR Werx is now partnered with Schmitz Cargobull to represent their truck body and trailer products in Canada. By nature of the design these products are shipped to Canada in modular form for final assembly at plants in Canada. This modular design allows us to inventory bodies in kit form for quick assembly. We have a wide variety of sizes and configurations of truck bodies in stock that can be assembled and installed on your chassis in a very short period of time. With reefer season upon us lead times from North American suppliers are pushed well out into the year and it is difficult to get refrigerated equipment on the road before the season ends. We can get you on the road in timely fashion with a superior insulated body that will outlast conventional truck bodies by many years.
With four decades of experience and expertise in the custom manufacturing of vocational vehicles, GINCOR Werx is an industry leader known for its quality workmanship and technical innovation. Its products include dump bodies, work ready, snow and ice equipment, cranes, flat decks, roll-off hook-lifts, van bodies and heavy haul float trailers. In 2017 GINCOR formed a strategic partnership with DEL Equipment, which brings an additional 70 years of truck equipment solutions to an already solid industry identity. Our combined 13 facilities give GINCOR a breadth of product offering a true national footprint which includes 478,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, 90 installation bays, 550 employees and 22 service bays.
For more information please contact Dave Torrance, Business Development Manager by email davetorrance@gincor.com or call 647.449.5594.

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