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T he Good Driver App is now available in App Stores! Please visit gooddriverapp.com/download/ to download the app and see how you’re driving skills match up to some of the best truck drivers in the industry.
Over 15 fleets and 100 drivers are participating in the Pilot Challenge during the month of February to see who is the best driver in the industry. Each driver will be ranked based on miles driven, acceleration, braking, cornering, speed and distracted driving. At the end of the month, the Top Driver at each fleet will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card.
Some of the participating fleets are Transpro, Titanium, C.A.T., Challenger, Bison and Robert just to name a few. You can see a list of all participating fleets here, gooddriverapp.com/companies/.
“At the end of the Pilot, we should have a really good data set on driving behaviours of some of the best drivers in our industry. This data will provide a great benchmark to help others improve their driving habits and help make our roads safer” says Aaron Lindsay, VP of Marketing at Good Driver.
If you’re a driver or a fleet still looking to get involved in the Pilot Program, please email info@nalinsurance.com. You can find out more be visiting gooddriverapp.com.

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