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Humboldt Article Correction

In Issue 188 of this Vocational Truck & Trailer an editorial appeared, entitled “Humboldt Tragedy”. The article attempted to explore the causes of the accident, and other considerations, which killed 16 of the 29 passengers on board. Many survivors suffered serious bodily injury.
A reader who scrutinized the story brought to our attention several mistakes. These include:
• The truck was heading West at 80 kms per hour and not 100 kms per hour as stated
• It was the bus that ran into the bridge axles of the lead trailer in the centre of the highway, not the truck hitting the bus
• The truck driver did not T-Bone the bus and
• At no time was the bus catapulted into the air onto a neighbouring field as stated in the article. Instead, both vehicles ended in the ditch next to the highway.
Vocational Truck & Trailer apologizes for these errors and thanks the reader for bringing these misstatements to our attention.

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