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New Cat Utility Vehicles

Beginning with a clean design sheet, Caterpillar gathered extensive customer and dealer input to build a UTV that delivers the unrivaled combination of durability, comfort and maintenance simplicity. Rigorous vehicle testing ensures both utility vehicles meet the superior quality and reliability customers expect from Caterpillar. The CUV82 and CUV102D feature a rugged steel cargo bed and offer 1,000 lb. (454 kg) total rear cargo capacity and 2,000 lb. (907 kg) towing capacity for outstanding performance in a variety of applications. The new gasoline powered CUV082 and the diesel CUV102D utility vehicles boast a four wheel independent suspension system with a front sway bar to provide unmatched stability at full load. A long swing arm suspension, custom tuned springs and shocks deliver a balance between a smooth ride and hauling loads. Ample ground clearance ensures these vehicles navigate rough terrain with ease.
These new Cat UTVs efficiently complete hauling tasks, quickly maneuvering over rugged terrain at the worksite at speeds reaching 45 mph (72 kph), depending on model. The CUV82 is powered by a 0.8L three cylinder gasoline engine delivering 50 hp (37 kW), while a 1.0L three cylinder diesel engine delivers 25 hp (18.7 kW) power to the CUV102D.
Features such as smooth acceleration, clear sightlines and engine braking capability make the Cat UTV well suited for hauling and towing. The intuitive column shifter allows the driver to easily maneuver through all the gears. Both models feature a continuously variable transmission, tuned specifically for work applications, offering smooth transitions and the ability to handle loads. The choice of two wheel drive, four wheel drive or four wheel drive/lock modes permit the driver to match vehicle drive to ground conditions.
Cat UTVs are built for quiet and comfortable operation all day long. The design minimizes noise and vibration during operation for a quieter ride. The CUV82 and CUV102D comfortably seat two riders side-by-side with ample leg, elbow and headroom for tall riders.
Driver and passenger seats are both sewn for comfort as well as durability, plus the driver’s seat position and steering wheel adjust to ensure a comfortable fit. Ample behind the seat storage and document holder provide space for personal items and gear. The passenger seat base can be removed and stowed behind the driver seat to create floor space for hauling oversized items.
The new CUV82 and CUV102D UTVs will be backed by unmatched service and support from participating CAT UTV dealers. Participating Cat dealers can help with anything from simple maintenance questions, to accessory selection, to onsite support. These UTV models will be available throughout the United States and Canada, excluding California and Quebec.
For more information, visit www.cat.com.

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