A proud Canadian remanufacturer of quality Heavy Duty and automotive clutches since 1980. Specializing in heavy duty and custom made clutches including our own Torque Master Clutches.

    Resurfacing all types of flywheels and repairing lugs. A good line of clutch related components including clutch brakes, clutch forks, drive lugs, release bearings, pilot bushings/bearings, master/slave cylinders, flywheels and alignment tools.

    Address: 81 Northline Road
    City: Toronto
    Province: ON
    Postal Code: M4B 3E9
    Telephone: 416.759.2245
    Fax: 416.759.5890
    Toll Free: 800.677.9038
    Email: info@filmorautomotive.com
    Website: http://www.filmorautomotive.com
    Email Woodward Publishing for more information.