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Innovative “RapidStrap” Saves Time & Fatigue

By Marek Krasuski

If there is any industry that is time sensitive, it’s trucking. On-time deliveries are critical for any successful company to keep their clients happy. So it stands to reason that any procedure or equipment that saves time and promptly puts truckers back on the road would be indispensible. RapidStrap is the product of an innovative company, HB Distribution, which harnessed its resources to build a product that saves truckers time.
RapidStrap is a unique and patented solution that efficiently winds cargo straps on trailers. This portable, handheld device features a pinion which is inserted into the core of a strap roller. A drill is then used on the tool’s housing to automatically roll the pinion quickly and efficiently wind the strap. Constructed of aluminium and steel, the RapidStrap is adaptable to most drills. The universal bracket is also designed to offer different configurations of sockets on the drill, and the housing comes loose from the bracket to allow for easy installation of the drill.
According to a company spokesperson RapidStrap is a simple but efficient way to wind up straps, regardless of weather. Drivers using the RapidStrap confirm its ease of use and speed, even when straps are stiff from ice and cold. Noted one happy customer, “Now that I’ve used it, it’s really indispensible. When you get one you won’t want to work without it anymore.”
Drivers, too, were more than impressed by the results, especially by saving at least 50 percent more time in ideal conditions. Time savings increased significantly – up to 90 Percent – in winter conditions. Some drivers also reported an absence of shoulder fatigue that may result from the manual winding of stiff straps in cold climates.
Designed to greatly improve working conditions, save time, and provide relief from fatigue, RapidStrap is exclusively available from HB Distribution, confirms the company. “We are the only company allowed to build and distribute this innovative and cost effective tool,” it says. The company also offers a roll and store accessory as a storage option. It’s adaptable to flatbeds and comes with a 1 year full warranty.
RapidStrap, which is also backed by a full one year warranty, can be purchased for $199, and is payable by major credit cards and PayPal.
For a full demonstration of the RapidStrap’s ease of use and time saving benefits, visit the website and video presentation at www.rapidstrap.ca, or contact the company directly at 418.239.0827, and the link to order is sales@rapidstrap.ca. The address is 210, Lucien Beauchamp, Dolbeau-Mistassini, QC G8L 6H2.

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