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Shape of Terror Today

By Dawn Truell

Dawn Truell

Terrorism comes in all shapes and sizes as we know. Take a trip like I did recently to the Brussels, Belgium (home of the EU) airport and you will see many machine gunned armed troops. The site will open your eyes to the constant anxiety about another terrorist attack.
Lately there have been more and more reports from around the world of horrible incidents happening to people at the hands of terror inflicting individuals and groups.
Friday the 13th of November 2015, three suicide bombers, mass shootings and hostages were attacked in Paris. Bastille Day in Nice, France, 84 killed by a truck driver who plowed through a crowd of both locals and tourists.
March 22, 2016, three suicide bombers attacked the Brussels Airport and Metro Station, killing 32 people and injuring 300 more. New Years Eve 2016-17, 39 people killed at a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey.
Fort Lauderdale Florida, January 6, 2017, 5 people gunned down and killed, 48 injured.
January 10, 2017, 38 people killed and 70 injured, including 5 diplomats, in Afghanistan suicide car bombing. Somalia International Airport, a suicide bomber killed 7 people, injured 17.
March 22, 2017, a car drove into pedestrians on the bridge killing 4 people and 46 injured during an attack at Westminster in London, England.
April 7, 2017, a hijacked truck speeding into crowds attacked Stockholm, Sweden and crashed into a department store, 5 people killed and 15 injured.
May 22, 2017 during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, a suicide bomber attending the concert blew himself up while in the audience, killing 23 children and adults, 119 injured, 23 critically.
June 5, 2017, the London Bridge in England was attacked by three men wearing suicide belts, they drove a van into pedestrians then jumped out and proceeded on a stabbing spree throughout nearby bars and restaurants in Borough Market, London police shot 50 rounds of bullets to take them down, 7 people were killed, 48 injured.
June 14, 2017, Virginia, USA, Republican Congressman Steve Scalise along with 5 other leaders and staffers gunned down during a Charity Baseball early morning practice.
London, England, in the wee hours of this morning12:02 am, June 19, 2017, a white van plunged into pedestrians on Seven Sisters Road outside the Muslim Welfare House just steps away from the Finsbury Park Mosque. An elderly man was left dead and 10 others injured and the number could go up. Ramadan is underway for Muslims and this attack is believed to be deliberate; there were many people present who had just attended the night prayers.
A 48-year-old large white man was arrested at 12:20 am. Scotland Yard Officers will be patrolling all Muslim places of worship. An eye witness at the scene said the he heard the driver shouting out his window about killing Muslims and was quoted as saying: “I did the job…I done my bit…I’d do it again, I’d do it again.”
Paris was attacked this morning, June 19, 2017. Car rammed into a Paris Police car causing an explosion of fire on the Champs-Elysees shopping district, driver arrested. France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation. Police have cordoned off immediate area to avoid further people getting injured or killed, as this is a high-end area where tourists are many. Subway station has been closed. France is under a state of emergency as terror attacks are rising. Attacker was taken down by police.
I could go on about more terror attacks all around the world. This makes us wonder what is happening to our world. Instead of a normal life we lead day to day, getting out of bed early in the morning to start each new day, heading off to work and schools as we all do, the new today looks like “where in the world will this terror strike next?” It could be in our cities, our neighborhoods, our schools, our churches, and our workplaces. This aftershock effect is exactly what the terrorists are banking on; the more pain they inflict the more attention they get. It’s like a heroin addict, when he is out of heroin he must seek more, each time the effects worsen.
In the Transportation industry the threat is there every day and truck hijackings are increasing.
Remember to Protect Yourselves With These Rules of Safety:
• Maintain regular communication with your dispatcher.
• If rest stops are necessary, park in areas where other truckers are present.
Do not stop on dark freeways or deserted areas while waiting to make deliveries.
• Make it a point to stop at only reputable truck stops along your route.
• Be aware of vehicles that are following your truck and of strangers asking questions about your load.
• Be suspicious of individuals making you stop as a result of an alleged traffic collision. Hijackers frequently use this to get drivers to stop.
• Always lock your tractor doors and make sure all trailer and container doors are secured with a heavy padlock. Keep your tractor windows up until you are on the open road or freeway.
• Be especially watchful immediately after picking up your load. The majority of armed hijackings occur within a few miles of the point of pickup. Freeway on/off ramps are particularly dangerous.
• If you are hijacked or you find that your load has been stolen, immediately notify the local police at 911 and then your dispatcher. If you are hijacked, always and immediately do as instructed by the thieves, but also listen to what is being said and the sounds around you. It may provide law enforcement with valuable information on where your vehicle was taken to. Try to provide a description of the suspects and the vehicles used.
• Carry information concerning the ID of the tractor and trailers including license numbers. Do not talk about your load on the radio.
For more information about transportation and aiding in the fight against terrorism and safety & compliance programs such as C-TPAT, FAST, PIP, TTP, CSA, please contact Cross Border Services at www.crossborderservices.ca, email dawntruell@gmail.com.

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