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Starship Freight

Georgetown Based Logistics Company Celebrates 30 Years of Dynamic Growth

By Marek Krasuski

In an age of increasingly sophisticated supply chains, transportation companies require a commensurate level of expertise to assure maximum performance is promised to their clients. Starship Freight is one logistics company that, through its 30 years of successful growth in the transportation sector, has set an industry benchmark in the provision of comprehensive freight services. One testament to its prominence is an extensive network of Carriers that reaches virtually every city, town and community throughout North America.
Starship Freight’s inclusive approach is foundational. From its inception the company set out to establish an interface with the three participants in the transportation relationship – the Customer, the Company, and the Carrier. Every decision is made with the view of deriving maximum benefit for all parties.
Francis Richard is Starship’s Vice President-Sales. He explains the advantages of embracing this participatory approach. “Any decision we make must have a positive outcome for our Customers. If it does, it will have a positive outcome for our Company and in turn a positive outcome for our Carriers. While this may appear to be simplistic, it is extremely powerful in the way it helps every team member act in the best interest of all 3 C’s. This method reduces the need for red tape and prolonged decision making cycles. It plays a crucial role in our success and that of our customers and carriers since no one loses sight of the primary objective – customer satisfaction and the efficient execution of our responsibilities to stakeholders,” Richard said.
The guarantee of exceptional service hinges on the company’s network of literally thousands of quality Carriers – a commitment underscored by Starship’s rigorous vetting process of choosing the right Carrier for the right job. And to be sure, not every Carrier qualifies. A high degree of demonstrative professionalism, integrity, and focus on customer service are integral to the selection process. Of course, anyone can make such claims, but Starship’s testament to its success is reinforced by the limited number of freight claims made each year. Simply put, freight is handled with care and without incident by the partner carriers selected. The importance of Carrier participation is underscored, most recently, by the creation of a new position – Carrier Relations Manager. This position establishes a continuous and direct link for Carriers to a Starship employee they get to know and grow together. In commenting on the role and its significance to operations, Michael McDonald, Vice President Operations said, “this new position assures that Carriers can share changes to their availability, discuss service levels and have concerns or questions addressed professionally. This helps Carriers go the extra mile in providing exceptional value and service for each and every shipment. Being able to rely on a strong network of dedicated partners, like our Carriers, ensures consistent results for each shipment and makes everyone’s part in the process that much better,” Mr. McDonald summarized.
The rigour Starship employs in Carrier selection applies in equal measure to its own employees and to improvement of its own practices. Paramount to the expectation of every employee is that they apply their undivided attention to ensuring every shipment is handled in the best manner for both Customer and Carrier. Indeed, undivided attention ensures free flowing communication – and communication, Francis Richard says, “always rises to the top when polling our customers as to why they deal with Starship Freight. Consistency in how each delivery is handled and the successful execution of each shipment keeps everyone’s day moving on track and plays a big part in why customers and carriers return shipment after shipment.” This personalized approach, a company requirement, to managing shipments makes Customers and Carriers feel as if Starship’s own employees are part of their respective companies.
An assiduous employee selection process stands shoulder to shoulder with the development and continuous improvement of Starship’s proprietary order management process. Indeed, since its founding in 1988 the company was motivated by the desire to enshrine a personalized approach to freight movement with enhanced transparency and consistency at all levels of service. This the company continues to practice to this day. While Starship freely admits it is not perfect, it takes its cues from accumulated experience and the willingness to learn every day. This tradition ensures that nothing is left to chance and that every step is in place to provide unparalleled service, accurate details of each shipment, timely and ongoing communication with all parties involved in the shipment process. Confirms Mike McDonald, President, “We provide the most efficient solutions by ensuring all details are validated by all parties that documents are ready and accurate, that both shipper and consignee are aware of the timelines for pickup and delivery, and Carriers are in full possession of all pertinent load information.” Such attention to detail enables the company to identify problems and notify parties of any delays while leaving enough reaction time to address anything that could change during the course of freight movement. Such measures mitigate against additional costs to the Customer, unnecessary delays for Carriers, and provide for reduced handling to prevent potential in-transit damages.
Starship’s renowned Customer – Company – Carrier (3-C) relationship, scrupulous employee selection methods, and ongoing investment in corporate improvement have brought this company from three initial employees to over 30 some thirty years later. Today, with a broad carrier base it provides full service OTR freight management service from any point in North America with cross border shipments comprising the majority of deliveries. In addition to managing its clients’ day-to-day transportation needs, it has gained a well-earned reputation for delivering on the near impossible, just as well as the regular transport of manufactured goods ranging from plastic bottles to chemicals, along with time sensitive shipments for the retail fixtures industry.
In commemoration of these stellar achievements Starship Freight recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary near its Head Office in Georgetown, Ontario. Company staff came together at the Terra Cotta Inn to socialize, enjoy a dinner together and listen to stories about the company’s development over three decades of solid growth. It was a hallmark evening and a fitting tribute to a successful and responsible company poised for yet another growth trajectory.
For more information about how this premier company can deliver on your transportation needs visit starshipfreight.com.

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