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Hassle Free ELDs

Want to learn more about E-Logs? Switchboard Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) will get your fleet compliant with the DOT & FMCSA ELD Rule coming this year. Built from the cloud up, Switchboard provides modern technology for you and your fleet.
Easy to install and operate, Switchboard ELDs make it simple to transition your drivers from paper logs to electronic logs. ELDs are electronic solutions that make easier and more accurate the recording of Hours of Service (HOS) and Record of Duty Status (RODS), including mileage recording, engine hours, location, date, time, and driver identification.
Finding efficiencies, preventing violations, improving employee experience, and reducing liability are all possible with ELDs. While ELDs will be mandated for some they help anyone that has a fleet of vehicles regardless of size. Indeed, with an ELD a driver has a ‘virtual assistant’ to allow the same job to be completed more efficiently.
With tablet devices installed in your vehicles, your drivers do not have to worry about their personal data plans or smartphones. With Switchboard, your drivers have a reliable connected device from which to record all their Hours of Service.
Of benefit to all users are the estimated economic rewards that result from paperwork reductions. Long term savings, notes the FMSCA which mandated the ELD rule, far outweigh the projected costs of purchase and implementation. Savings include over $700 annually in paperwork, and 19 hours per year per driver in the reduced time it takes to enter information electronically compared to traditional paperwork filing. The FMSCA also estimates an average safety benefit of $187 annually per long haul ELD use and $126 per short haul ELD use.
At Switchboard, companies will receive driver documents as a crisp PDF instantly once the job is completed. Waiting for drivers to return to the office to process paperwork will no longer be necessary. In addition, drivers will always know their next task through the instant transmission of details required for impending work. With Switchboard all documents are stored on the Cloud, allowing access anytime and anywhere.
Switchboard scales up with your fleet. Built on modern software infrastructure, Switchboard provides over-the-air updates which make it effortless to accommodate additional features as well as HOS rule changes. Switchboard provides you with lifetime updates at no additional cost.
Satellite GPS navigation is equipped on all Switchboard ELDs. Get real-time GPS updates to keep up to date on your fleet, and view the historical locations of your vehicles to trace previous routes. Smart Geofencing allows you to track the times in which your drivers enter and exit a yard at the click of a button.
With a focus on providing simple but powerful functionality, Switchboard brings modern, affordable, data driven software solutions to carriers.
If you’re interested in learning more, please call 844.5.FLEETS (855.535.3387), visit www.onswitchboard.com or send an email to: contact@onswitchboard.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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