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Teddy Bear Convoy

Newfoundland Truckers Helped The Kids

The Just For Kids Transportation Group is comprised of a number of volunteers from the transportation industry in Newfoundland and Labrador who organize the annual Teddy Bear Convoy. This event is designed to help raise funds for the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation, and takes place each year on the day of the annual Janeway Telethon in June. This telethon was broadcast live by the local CTV affiliate, NTV, and featured local talent and the efforts made by so many groups and individuals who contribute to the cause.
Our group actually started preparing months in advance of the June event, with committee meetings to brainstorm ideas and improve on past efforts. The main source of funds raised comes from the individual truck drivers who collect pledges from friends, family and customers. These pledges are collected and recorded on pledge sheets, which then form as their registration to participate in the convoy.
On June 4th, the truckers who were in the St. John’s area, met at the local Goodyear Tire Retread Plant to submit their pledges and register for the convoy. From there, they all drove in a convoy that stretched up to 8 kilometres long, to the Janeway Children’s Hospital and circled the hospital with 116 trucks participating. Later in the day, with the help of two children who were former patients of the Janeway, our group presented a cheque representing $61,120.00.
The event in Corner Brook was held on Saturday and recorded by NTV to coincide with the live event on Sunday. The convoy of 46 trucks started at Armour Transportation, and circled the city which included a drive-by of the new hospital construction site. The drivers involved raised $16,058.00. The organizers in Corner Brook are in their 4th year participating, and have doubled their efforts from last year.
Both events were hosted by Marine Atlantic Inc. who provided a great Bar-B-Q of hot dogs and hamburgers. They were assisted by Atlantic Grocery Distributors who delivered the supplies and provided trucks to safely store the food before and during the event.
Since these events, we have already received calls of interest from our colleagues in Central Newfoundland, who want to participate and organize similar efforts in their region.
Everyone has had some connection with families of children who need quality medical attention. The truckers of this province are so generously giving of their time and their trucks to help these kids receive this care. We are hopeful that our contribution will assist the Janeway obtain and maintain the much needed equipment to help our kids.
On behalf of the Just For Kids Transportation group we want to thank all drivers and their families who participated. In addition, we must recognize the carriers who gave willingly of their trucks, so that their drivers could use them in the convoy.
For more information, visit www.teddybearconvoy.com and www.janewayfoundation.nf.ca.

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