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The Right Tools

By John Rogasky, Sales Manager Arne’s Welding Ltd.

I had to replace a battery in my mother-in-law’s car last week and came with what I thought was the appropriate tools for the job. I arrived with a couple of wrenches and the new battery. My first attempt was thwarted because the last person to replace this used different hardware to secure the battery, of which I did not bring. After attempting to “get ‘er done”, I returned home with a few skinned knuckles, to get the right tools. This got me to thinking about our customers and the tools in their tool box. Arne’s is a Commercial Trailer Manufacturer out of Winnipeg and has been keeping tools in the toolboxes of construction companies for 60 years. Over that time, the “ultimate” trailer (or tool) has always been on the mind of our Dealers to satisfy the needs of working industry. The trailer that best fits that mark in today’s market would be the Ultra Max Side Dump Trailer. This trailer, compared to an End Dump, reduces the need for overhead clearances, is one of the most stable trailers in the industry and has a dump cycle time 4 times faster. With our unique torque tube design, the stresses of a conventional Side Dump are all but eliminated when dumping. The capabilities of this trailer well exceed the expectations with the ability to dump to either side by simply locking the hinges, no climbing on the trailer! As well, our hydraulic design gives each cylinder the right pressure to dump each load effortlessly and evenly. The Ultra Max comes in both a tri-axle and a B Train configuration, to suit all your hauling requirements. When you are on the job-site and “looking for that right tool”, the Arne’s Ultra Max can look after all your needs! The Arne’s tool box does not stop at just the Side Dump trailer. We manufacture a wide variety of trailers to fill that tool box, from conventional End Dumps, Quarter Frames, Hoppers, Live Floors and Lowbeds; to Engineered to Order trailers that are specific to all your moves! All of our trailers are designed with stability and longevity in mind, giving us one of the highest resale trailers in the market. Check out our website at www.arnes.com as well as a Dealer near you.

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