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Tiger Tool Industry Leading Tools

By Marek Krasuski

Since its inception in 1984, innovation has been the cornerstone of success for Tiger Tool – an international leader in the manufacture and provision of Driveline and Suspension tools. The Tiger Tool story, known to many, bears repeating to underscore the company’s commitment to product quality and in equal measure, to the safety of its customers. The year was 1984 when the owner of a fleet of trucks, Mike Skoworodko, failed to remove a seized universal joint from a vehicle, despite the existing tools at his disposal. The difficulty lay in the inability to disassemble the driveline without causing damage to other components of the truck. With perseverance and out-of-the-box thinking, Mike eventually designed and produced the world’s most efficient and effective Universal Joint Puller. Making the right tool made all the difference then, and from that time forward, making the right tool has continued to make all the difference for Tiger Tool’s customers. Ingenuity was the foundation of Tiger Tool in 1984 and it remains the driving force behind every decision under current owner and President Ken Jansen. Indeed, to borrow from the company’s tag line, Tiger Tool has what it takes to get the job done. The company website, www.tigertool.com, highlights the breadth of quality tools in multiple transportation segments – Heavy Duty, Mining, Intermediate, Automotive and Motorsports. Tools are available for virtually all categories; among them axles, brakes, hubs, pins/bushings, wheel studs and yokes. To be sure, Tiger Tools invests heavily in product quality with each tool designed to customer demand. Marketing Manager Kevin Scheer underscores the company’s assiduous efforts to achieve optimal payback. “People identify Tiger Tool as a leader in the development of Heavy-Duty Suspension and Driveline tools, but really, this only scratches the surface of our identity. Our values are driven by the spirit of passion and ingenuity that our team brings to the table every day. We are a dynamic workforce, encompassing a variety of backgrounds and experiences, working together to achieve a common goal – develop cutting-edge tools to resolve the most frustrating challenges faced by technicians. We believe in a higher standard of quality – not only for the final product, but for the entire journey, from conception to fruition, and the complete customer experience. It starts with an idea, or an industry challenge to be resolved,” he explained. Scheer’s reference to a complete customer experience includes, when necessary, customer participation in the creation of a tool to solve a persistent problem. Customers are assured that developing a tool in partnership with the company will include the highest-grade materials and processes in North America along with the assistance of engineers and tool designers. Standing alongside Tiger Tool’s commitment to innovative tooling solutions is an equal dedication to safety – especially in an industry where an inherent risk of injury remains. Consider, for example, a technician’s vulnerability when faced with daily tasks such as torching, hammering and punching. Statistics presented by the United States Occupational Safety & Health Administration show alarming risk levels whereby 4.1 million workplace injuries occur every year and at least 12 workplace deaths per day – nearly all of which are preventable. In contrast to tools made of low grade materials which flood the market, Tiger Tool stacks its inventory with tools fashioned from high grade alloys that guarantee strength and wear resistance – a promise backed by warranties that give owners peace of mind. And while the upfront cost of a tool made in North America from high quality steel and alloys will likely be higher than its off-shore counterpart, these tools will pay for themselves in no time. Take for example the company’s 10803 Heavy Duty Yoke Puller. Even with conservative use this tool will pay for itself in a matter of months and continue to earn its customers profits thanks to the high-quality materials, capable of withstanding repeated use even on the toughest jobs. Without question, the physical well-being of hard working technicians is of paramount importance. Well-crafted tools not only minimize risk to technicians, but enhance efficiency and profitability. When choosing unsafe methods of servicing class 7 and 8 trucks, company risk increases – as does the possibility of performing the job at hand the hard way. In many instances, such as with Tiger Tool’s 15000 Pin and Bushing Starter Kit, the safe way actually equates to the fast way. This means less repair time per truck and a tangible increase to a company’s bottom line. The Tiger Tool Pin and Bushing system eliminates the need for technicians to handle or remove heavy suspension assemblies, and eradicates torching methods that expose employees to senseless hazards – all this while reducing shop time by an average of seventy percent. Safety, enhanced by the correct tools and equipment, also keeps insurance premiums to a minimum by receiving fewer claims and demonstrating to employees that their safety matters. When workers are away due to injury, it not only costs companies additional premiums, but cuts down productivity and undermines profit margins by having a skilled technician off the shop floor for an extended period of time. For more than 30 years Tiger Tool, has subscribed to the belief that necessity is indeed the mother of invention. It has continuously evolved in accordance with the changing needs of the industry and always, like its founder, takes a unique approach to solving problems. As such, the company has established valuable relationships with technicians, fleet and service managers, and OEMs, all of whom entrust them to minimize the challenges technicians are faced with. Tiger Tool has demonstrated time and again that when there is a problem they can solve it. For this reason, several OEMs contact them directly should they discover a challenge servicing one of their components, and at Tiger Tool, they are always more than capable and willing to resolve it. In addition to these relationships, the Tiger Tool Team includes several mechanically inclined individuals who are sensitive to the obstacles technicians face and are equally passionate about improving their working conditions. Trust this privately held specialty manufacturing company to provide solutions to all your tooling needs. Because when you have a Tiger Tool, you know you have what it takes. For more information, contact www.tigertool.com.

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