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BAMSS Host 2017 Truck Rodeo

The Calgary Stampede grounds have long been associated with cowboy rodeos but this spring on Tuesday, April 11, the grounds were the host site for a different type of rodeo activity. BAMSS Contracting Inc., a Trucking company from Lacombe, Alberta invited their customers to a “truck rodeo” and “appreciation day” at one of the stampede fairgrounds closed parking lots. The grounds are used to welcoming customers of Transcourt Tank Leasing at Stampede time but this was a very different rodeo. No bucking broncos or chuck wagons on this day.The 22 invited participants from various Calgary oil companies, ventured out of the downtown Calgary business towers, to get “up close and personal” with BAMSS’s highway trucks and Super B units. The people driving, were given a basic introductory orientation to the truck and Super B unit. They were then accompanied in a cab by either Gerald Pearson or Sam Hancik, from BAMSS, as they drove the units around a cone marked oval track.
For some of these “city born and raised” individuals, this was the first opportunity of their life to climb up behind the wheel of a heavy duty highway truck and experience a small part of what the BAMSS drivers see in their daily work world. There were many smiles and laughs inside the cab when the route safety cones became victims of the rookie truck drivers. “It isn’t easy to manoeuver these lengthy tank trailers around a makeshift track”, explains Bruce Daccord, President of Transcourt Tank Leasing, a tank trailer supplier to BAMSS.
Most of the comments from the 7 women and 15 men participating concerned the length of the overall unit and controlling this 25-meter-long vehicle. Looking in the mirrors from the driver’s seat, some of these rookie drivers couldn’t imagine the stress the regular drivers must experience with other traffic variables around them and the circulation challenges they themselves have witnessed on public roadways. “It was an incredible experience to go from behind the desk to behind the wheel. I gained a whole new appreciation for the BAMSS driver skills required to operate this equipment”, said Chris Frederick from Inter Pipeline Ltd.
The BAMSS pit crew also had a company highway tractor unit on display. The invited guests were encouraged to climb up in and see the work and living space interior of the “BAMSS company standard” highway truck cab and bunk. There was a much higher appreciation for a driver’s world once they observed the bunk living space complete with fridge, microwave, TV, computer work station, bed, etc. The truck on display also had a set of triple tire chains laid out on the ground for anyone interested in picking up to note the weight and awkwardness of these “trucking tools”. Another chain set was installed on the truck to help the people envision exactly how these chains would look and work when installed.
Inside on display were safety equipment, hoses, internal valves, and driver orientation procedures for all to look through while enjoying a light lunch with the BAMSS people in attendance. “This event helps the Calgary people visualise the LPG (liquefied petroleum gases) product movement we do for them 365 days of the year. Our people did an exceptional job of showcasing, to our clients, the equipment that is involved at one stage of their products’ route to market”, stated BAMSS President Bob Hancik.

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