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Canadians First! An Open Letter

By Jacques Tremblay, Owner of Tremcar Inc.

Jacques Trembly

I do not think our leaders are aware of the impact the development of our energy resources have on the Canadian economy. As long as our society will need oil, why not encourage Canadians first? Pipelines are built around the world and the fact remains it is still the safest way to transport oil.
People do not realize the economic spinoffs western Canadian activity has on Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick businesses. Oil arrives from Algeria and other foreign countries in Quebec or in Saint John, New Brunswick by boat or train. Quebec and other eastern Canadian provinces pay much more for their oil because rail is much more expensive than pipelines. On an economic basis we handicap our society because we refuse to see things as they are and politicians often reflect the illusion that it is good for them without a realistic comparison. Have we thought about whether we would encourage our Canadians instead of sending billions of dollars abroad every year to stimulate our businesses and create jobs without subsidies?
Let this not be unspoken because sooner or later we will have a recession in Canada. Let us be proud and think of our Canadians first.
I met the Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall; a couple of years back, a man with a great vision that has done a lot for his province. I’d like to share with you his opinion regarding the cancellation of Energy East project and I have to mention that I fully agree.
Jacques Tremblay, President of Tremcar Technologies
Tremcar Inc. is a family manufacturer that employs over 600 people in Canada, 500 in Quebec.

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