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Tour Celebrates Canada’s Birthday

By Marek Krasuski

On July 1st Canada celebrated its 150th birthday by ushering in this momentous occasion with festivities and events across the country; noteworthy among them were the 40 tall ships that sailed Canadian waters with stops in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes while thousands gathered at ports to admire this historic fleet. The ships were a majestic and stunning example of innovation from days gone by.
Innovation is an historic value that forms part of the Canadian mosaic, and Canadian transportation companies, many equally known for innovative accomplishments, took their place alongside many events on Canada’s milestone birthday.
Trout River Industries is a Maritime company based in Coleman, Prince Edward Island with a network of dealers across the country. In just 18 years when it built its first trailer, Trout River has grown into Canada’s largest live bottom trailer manufacturer, signaling yet another example of Canadian resourcefulness.
To commemorate Canada’s birthday, and its own commitment to innovation, Trout River took to the Canadian roadways on June 27th for a three-day tour across Eastern Canada on the Trans-Canada highway with a gleaming new Live Bottom Trailer. A dozen stops were made at several destination points in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. On June 27th, the trailer made its way to Charlottetown, PEI, Confederation Bridge, Mactaquac Dam in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and the Plains of Abraham in Quebec. On Day 2 stops were made at the Montreal Olympic Stadium, Champlain Bridge and the Old Port of Montreal before heading on to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to join thousands of proud Canadians during this momentous occasion. The trailer then headed to Tallman Truck Centres in Kemptville and Kingston, Ontario. On Day 3 the trailer made stops in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum and City Hall downtown before heading westward to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Its final stop was along Highway 401 in Woodstock, Ontario where it was showcased to passing motorists. The location was close to Carrier Centres at 645 Athlone Place which is one of Trout River’s valued dealers.
The decision to undertake the tour was motivated in large part by a spirit of gratitude, both for a high quality of life and for the opportunities available for Canadians. “We are proud to build our products in Canada. Sometimes we don’t take enough time to celebrate our accomplishments as a Canadian company,” said Mathieu Gallant, Trout River’s Vice-President of Sales, adding, “We want to excite Canadians about Canada. It is a wonderful place to live and to do business.”
Trout River President Harvey Stewart echoed Gallant’s sentiments about a welcoming business climate that encourages growth. “We are pleased to be able to export a quality Canadian product across the globe, and we are proud to be Canadian,” he said.
Company sentiments extended in equal measure to employees and clients. “We are a proud company. We are proud of our customers. We are proud of our people, and proud of our country. Twenty years goes by fast. We are fortunate to have a strong company culture that allows us to lean on each other to accomplish whatever needs to be done. We believe in supporting our customers because without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. We have found great partners that are able to assist us in helping our clients. Our focus has always been our customers. As long as we don’t lose that focus, we will continue to grow,” the company said.
Customer testimonials confirm Trout Trailers’ commitment, evidenced by Scott Talbot, VP of Bulk Operations for Contrans. “The trailers are strong and durable. They get the job done and they look good doing it.”
In an effort to make the Tour as inclusive as possible for all Canadians, Trout River’s Marketing Coordinator, Allan Clark, said the company offered incentives for participation. “Spectators who saw the trailer on its travels and took a photo had the opportunity to win one of three $150 dollar prizes for the most liked and re-tweeted photos via social media,” he said.
Those incentives yielded results, evidenced by numerous people who showed support and demonstrated curiosity about the trailer itself – a standard 48 ft. four axle live bottom trailer that will be used in road construction. Mathieu Gallant said the occasion made possible the opportunity to reach a larger audience. “This was our chance to showcase our product not only to the trucking industry, but the general public as well. Sometimes we are too wrapped up in day to-day business, so this was a great way to get out and showcase our pride in product quality and workmanship.”
Indeed, by way of introduction to the company through the touring trailer, patrons could learn about this firm’s success trajectory and diverse product offering. Trout River’s signature live bottom trailers stand out in a number of ways. The Trout River live bottom boasts the strongest chain on the market. Secondly, the trademark Rounded Tub design allows for the most payloads on the market. Commitment to quality manufacturing is supported by their desire to help their customers make more money. Trout River’s desire to see their customers succeed is an ideal which has helped Trout River’s continuous growth.
Standing alongside this family of live bottom trailers is the Shuttle Floor, “The Shuttle Floor trailer is a patented design by Trout River. It is ideal for any material that is wet and sticky. It is used primarily in the waste, compost, and agricultural industries. “The Shuttle Floor unloads clean. This reduces the risk of cross contamination and the driver doesn’t have to come in contact with the contents of the load,” said Darrin Mitchell, CEO of Trout River Industries.
To be sure, success breeds success, and with it a commensurate level of expansion through a growing number of satisfied clients evidenced by many testimonials, many within easy reach of Trout River trailers thanks to an expanding sales network of dealers across the globe.
For more information on Trout River’s commitment to efficient and innovative trailers, and sales network visit the company’s website at: www.troutriverindustries.ca.

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