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Four Camera Video is a Must

Dash Cams only record about 8 feet in front of a truck. What about the other 150+ feet of the truck & trailer? The 4 Camera Windshield Cam System video records all 150+ feet on all 4 sides of the truck & trailer. Video Surveillance on the front, left and right sides, and behind the trailer protects you 24/7 against theft, vandalism, hit & runs, assault/robbery, traffic accidents, road rage incidents and provides a real time backup camera. Obviously, the area behind the truck and trailer is the driver’s biggest blind spot. Rear Cameras are law on all new cars and pickups, but commercial trucks are the vehicles that could make the best use of them. The 2 side cameras are very important in providing proof of who sideswiped who, merging accidents, wide right turn and t-bone accidents, fuel or tire chain theft, drug/weapon smugglers etc. The rear camera can record any tampering or theft from the rear of vans or reefer units, even alerting the driver if he is inside the bunk. It can also be placed on a headache rack to monitor loading/unloading problems and to view the load on a flat deck while driving. The Windshield Cam Unit records video from all 4 cameras 24/7 for 2 weeks (optional 4 weeks) continuously before automatically starting over. And for anyone considering one of those car “dash cams” that are being marketed for commercial trucks, beware. The recording time is only a few hours (not long enough for a trucker), night recording on the highway is very poor or nonexistent, and reliability is also a big issue. Protecting the truck driver and truck & trailer requires a true 3 or 4 camera surveillance system. With the Windshield Cam System being able to review video up to 14 days previous (or optionally a month) is a huge benefit. The Windshield Cam can actually see further down the road at night than you can see out the windshield with your own eyes. And it sees through fog very well too. This can be a big bonus for truck drivers driving at night or in foggy conditions.Expensive lawsuits and insurance claims resulting from accidents can be substantially reduced or eliminated with the Windshield Cam Video Surveillance. With new CSA regulations, fighting unfair traffic tickets and other violations is more important than ever to protect the driver and company’s CVOR points. With thousands of Windshield Cam units in trucks all over North America, it has proven itself over 15 years that it can easily withstand all types of weather and different types of trucking operations. Before you buy any camera unit marketed for commercial trucks, make sure to ask to see actual video footage from a truck driving at night on the highway, not a car driving around under street lights. Windshield Cam is the original and still the leader in Multi Camera Truck Video Surveillance for commercial trucks.
To view Windshield Cam’s actual truck video footage please visit www.WindshieldCam.com.
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