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By Troy Geisler – Talbert Mfg Vice-President of Sales & Marketing

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. is a world-class trailer manufacturer that engineers and builds to customer specifications a wide variety of heavy capacity trailers and specialized transportation equipment. Located in NW Indiana, Talbert has been serving the transportation industry since 1938 for custom trailers covering commercial, construction, transportation, utility, military, government, aerospace, agriculture, oil field, rail, energy applications as well as inner plant material handling movers and manufacturing systems. We are happy to serve customers throughout the United States and Canada.
We have built our business success in partnership with quality dealers capable of successfully meeting the demands of the users who expect nothing short of product excellence. To be sure, our principle core value is trailer quality, as well as competitive pricing. We are proud to work with custom manufacturers who share our commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, value, and peace of mind. A trusted manufacturer is one that endeavors to understand the client, and not just the load. They will consider everything the client needs to haul, their geographic scope of operations, and the specific challenges they face. The manufacturer will use that information to design a trailer that offers maximum flexibility, versatility and strength.
Not all trailers are built alike, especially in view of the wide choice of construction materials available. We place a premium on materials like heavy-duty T-1, 100,000-psi minimum yield steel for extreme durability and longevity. Apitong flooring is another preferred choice because it is more durable than traditional oak and pine decking. Investing in higher-quality materials and components can double the life cycle of the product. Trailers from a respectable manufacturer may also include positive camber in the design. The amount of camber can be customized based on the estimated usual load to ensure the flattest loaded deck possible.
Ensuring the right trailer is a job best left to the pros, but with these tips, operators can get a jump start on the process. Having that knowledge about each specification will help secure an investment that leads to a long, smooth ride.
Talbert’s Canadian Sales Manager, Stephen Gardonyi, assists dealers and end users throughout Canada as professional advisor with Talbert Manufacturing, specializing in trailer sales, marketing and customization. He is also helping to bring the 80-year-old company’s heavy-haul solutions to more people throughout the region, broadening the company’s Canadian dealer network. “There is a lot of synergy between Steve and our team, both in terms of experience and passion as well as commitment to customer success,” said Troy Geisler, Talbert Manufacturing Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The knowledge he brings from multiple facets of the industry will help us continue our mission to provide our customers with the heavy-haul solutions they need to be successful, whether that’s ‘off-the-shelf’ trailers or fully customized units.”
Gardonyi has nearly 30 years of industry experience, which includes operations management, quality control, sales and customer service. He also carries a Red Seal certification in trailer mechanics. “Success in this market takes hard work, a strong team and quality processes that start from the time we answer the phone until a satisfied driver is pulling their Talbert trailer down the road,” he affirmed.
Talbert Manufacturing updated its Traveling Axle (TA) Series by increasing its hauling capacity by 5 tons. Three of the new trailer models – the 4048TA, 4050TA and 4053TA – have a 40-ton hauling capacity, and the new 5548TA and 5553TA trailer models haul as much as 55 tons. The five new trailer models will replace the others within the TA Series.
The added capacity on the new TA Series trailers equates to increased hauling flexibility. For example, the 4050TA now has an 80,000-pound evenly distributed capacity or a concentrated load capacity of 50,000 pounds in 10 feet. This allows haulers to expand their range of load opportunities and maximize transportation efficiency, while complying with U.S. state and Canadian province hauling requirements.
The TA Series trailers feature a state-of-the-art, 36-inch loaded deck height. This industry-leading low deck height provides additional clearance for bridges and tunnels when transporting tall equipment. The 4050TA was the first model released in the updated TA Series with this excellent low deck height feature, and it is also California-legal, making the 4050TA an ideal west coast hauling trailer.
The five new TA Series trailer models feature Talbert’s signature piggy-back cylinder, now with a larger diameter for faster axle travel. The new models also have an increased number of keyholes across the rear of the trailer for additional flexibility for tying down loads, an improved, lockable curbside gooseneck toolbox that includes a weather resistant door seal, as well as a chain rack and other hardware upgrades.
Another key advancement with the new TA Series trailers is the standard metal e-chain for the air and electrical lines, which now makes it both easier and less expensive to add optional dock levelers as an aftermarket option.
The TA Series trailers feature key trailer components for easy loading on its 7-degree load angle. Talbert’s standard equipment for the series includes a 15,000-pound planetary winch with a two-function, wireless remote. It assists in moving equipment on and off of the trailer by making it possible for one person to load a piece of equipment without leaving the vehicle. Talbert also offers two other upgrade options; a six-function remote and a 20,000-pound planetary winch. The six-function remote provides the operator with the ability to adjust the movement of the axles, winch and deck while loading.
The TA Series trailers come standard with double keyhole tie-down slots on top of the outside beams and recessed in the center of the main deck. For recessed tie-downs, Talbert includes a metal basket that is mounted below the deck to protect the main cylinder from excess chain.
Talbert has multiple, optional features to enhance the TA Series trailers. Available coating selections include the standard Valspar R-Cure® 800 paint in Talbert’s signature red and optional Valspar Aquaguard™ for corrosion protection. Additional optional equipment includes a 48-inch aluminum/steel bulkhead with strobe and work lights, a centralized lubrication system and a Right Weigh load scale.
For further information, please call our toll free number, 800.348.5232 or call Steve Gardonyi at 905.299.7790 or you can email Steve at sgardonyi@talbertmfg.com or visit www.talbertmfg.com.

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