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In the Service & Maintenance Department, FlowMax DPF sends at article about “What You Need to Know About Advanced DPF Cleaning”.
So you had a DPF Delete Kit installed, are shopping for one, or have thought about it and decided it’s not for you or your business. No matter the choice, you are not alone in the stress and feelings of isolation or desperation. Regardless of what configuration your diesel emissions system is in today, you will find valuable and relevant facts and information from those who are at the front lines of diesel emissions – enforcement, diagnostics, and maintenance. Should the following information challenge what you have heard before, it could indicate that it is time to source a more specialized emissions solutions provider.
Those selling DPF Delete Kits state they have the best solution for your problem. Although they and others may think your problem is chronic emissions system failure, it is in fact a lack of access to technically sound and credible information. The trucking industry found this out early on when placing faith in those who had their logos on their engines and equipment. It did not mean they had the necessary expertise for successful failure analysis, specialized maintenance strategies, or the best DPF Cleaning practices. The delete industry is no different and equally self serving. Often illusive, success does happen under the correct maintenance and support conditions. Although people say “DPF Failure” and often jump to just shooting the messenger, the truth is that a DPF does not “fail.” Failed engine parts and unaddressed coolant/oil contamination, can all cause progressive damage to emissions components. Because of this, deleting or tampering while also taking on real legal risks just because of a faulty injector or failing turbo makes no practical sense at all. Accepting that the engine and its systems must all be maintained and functioning in perfect condition at all times is a hard sell, which we acknowledge. We also recognize that this very demanding goal is the essential first step towards diesel emissions success.
Emissions delete companies also play language games to make it appear they are operating legally with minimal risk to the customer. The truth is that any changes to ECM programming, even fuel mapping, is in contravention of the law and subject to penalties under the Environmental Protection Act. Penalties can range from $420, a repair order, removal of plates, or in the most extreme repeat offence cases – a $50,000 fine and/or jail time. The marketing of “off-road only” means nothing during a roadside inspection and any tunes marketed as “compliant” are simply not. Passing a Drive Clean test and being system compliant are two different things, as compliance does not only relate to exhaust opacity but the Engine/Emissions system configuration as verified.
We provide expertise and solutions, NOT judgements. So, for those who have deleted and want to know how to get back in compliance, are thinking about deleting, or wish to get the upper hand on DPF failure prevention, we encourage you to contact us with your inquiries and for all your DPF Cleaning and parts sales needs.
For more information call 613.342.9222, email info@flowmaxdpf.com or visit www.FlowMaxDPF.com.

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