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Emergency Response Assistance Canada [ERAC]

Emergency Preparedness: Are You Protected?

Every day, LPG and flammable liquids are hauled by road. With the forecasted increase in volumes, as well as the slow state of pipeline growth in Canada, this fact will hold true well in to the future.
Government regulations around the transport of these products continue to evolve, and shippers’ responsibilities for emergency preparedness and response are shifting accordingly.
Where it all started.
Government regulations significantly changed in 2013 after the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster. Transport Canada implemented requirements for rail shippers to have an emergency response assistance plan (ERAP) for flammable liquids, in addition to already regulated dangerous goods. With this change, Transport Canada also requires all flammable liquids ERAP holders to provide firefighting foam and equipment, and technical advice, to first responders on scene as needed.
Thus began the trend of shifting more of the responsibility for emergency response to the shippers of these dangerous goods.
Operating in or through B.C.?
Last year, British Columbia released a new set of regulations on spill contingency planning, applicable to transporters of 10,000 litres or more of liquid petroleum products by rail, pipeline and highway. Shippers must plan now to have the appropriate emergency response plans in place for the October 2018 deadline.
While B.C. is the first province to release more stringent spill response regulations, it is to the benefit of shippers and carriers to be proactive in dangerous goods emergency preparedness and response.
Solution is easier than you think.
You may not be in the business of emergency preparedness and response, but we are.
For over 30 years, Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC)’s qualified staff has trained, assessed and approved response teams across Canada. We are leaders in emergency preparedness and response in Canada.
ERAC employs full-time staff dedicated to the writing and auditing of spill contingency plans. Our plans meet or exceed all federal and provincial regulations. The annual membership cost includes emergency response to incidents, with access to our network of response teams, equipment caches, fire suppression trailers and foam. Additionally, ERAC assists with the development and execution of mandatory annual drills and exercises for our plan members.
ERAC also provides specialized LPG training for municipal firefighters, which can be done on-site at a fire hall with ERAC’s LPG prop trailers and NFPA-qualified instructors. Life safety cannot be compromised. ERAC has a clean record, never having had an injury or fatality related to its management of emergency responses.
Don’t leave your contingency planning to the last minute, visit www.erac.org/spill or call 403.543.6501.

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