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Growing Repair Kit Options for Trucks Save Time, Money & More

In a recent episode of a popular trucking show filmed over the dead of winter in the great Canadian north, one of the drivers bottoms out his truck on a large rock and tears a drain plug out of an air tank. As he quickly loses air pressure and his wheels begin to lock up, the realization sets in that he is in the middle of nowhere, without the repair parts he needs and with no radio or cell phone signal to call for help. The temperature is dropping quickly and what would have amounted to a time consuming, costly inconvenience on a main highway, will soon become a matter of life and death. Luckily for our stranded trucker, another big rig driver happens by a few hours later with a Fairview “Air Brake Fitting Repair Kit” containing the simple ¼” pipe plug needed to save the day.
More of these smart, inexpensive and easy to store repair kits, like Fairview’s “Air Brake Fitting Repair Kit,” are becoming available every day. New push-to-connect technology makes it possible to make many tube repairs without any tools at all and hose end repair kits now allow for roadside repair of air brake hoses with just an included Allen Wrench. Metal hose end repair kits, like the ones manufactured by Fairview, meet or exceed the pull and pressure specifications of the original crimped-on hose ends and result in a hose just as safe and reliable as those that were factory installed.
Every good pre-trip plan should include resources to help locate repair shops on the route and a roadside assistance strategy in case of major electronic or mechanical failure. Every cab should also be outfitted with as many safety supplies, tools and repair parts as practical. Breakdowns are a costly, time consuming fact of life for truckers. But keeping up with the newest roadside DIY repair options gets trucks back on the road faster, reducing downtime and driver stress while saving money. And in the case of extreme routes, like those of the ice road truckers, a good repair kit can save a stranded driver even more.
Fairview emergency roadside and shop repair kits are available at major heavy-duty truck parts stores across Canada and in the United States For more information go to www.fairviewfittings.com.

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