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Hidden Costs of ELDs

By Grant Conrad, Operations Manager at CompliancyPlus+

When I think of the cost of anything, I automatically think of the value that I will receive should I purchase it. I’m the same way when I consult a Carrier about what ELD provider they should go with. I look at their actual needs, what they will use and then I think of the benefits they may experience using an ELD. I think of more than just using the ELD data for Hours of Service compliance. I think of the Carrier’s Fleet size and how a certain ELD platform may outperform another. I think of how the Carrier will use the ELD data for accident investigations, Driver scorecards, Fuel consumption reports, tracking, and even cross referencing for paper log auditing. It is my humble opinion that the first thing associated to purchasing an Electronic Log Device platform for your Fleet that should be considered is not the initial cost of the ELD platform, but what savings you may incur with that ELD solution. Researching for ELD providers that have a platform that really fit your company’s needs isn’t just a click away on an internet browser, especially when you haven’t fully realized your own needs yourself yet. So, like anything else that I purchase, I look at the benefits, I look at my needs, and I think about how much I’m going to really use it. But I also realise that even when I know what I need and how much I’m going to use it the question always pops up in my mind, “do I know how to use it?” I believe that a Carrier should ask themselves the same question, “Do we have a policy in place, and people that can manage or take control of our ELD platform?”
“Monitoring Your Drivers Daily Hours of Service Is Part of Safety Management!”
So, what is Safety Management Control?
Safety Management is doing your Due Diligence when it comes to on-boarding Electronic Log Devices and monitoring your drivers H.O.S. compliance. A Carrier is responsible for ensuring that the purchase of an ELD platform meets the certification requirements and is registered with FMCSA. A Carrier is responsible for Training his/ her drivers to properly use the device, monitoring and managing their H.O.S. compliance, and taking corrective action when needed. Safety Management Control is the level of performance of your Due Diligence and is the result of how you manage your ELD platform on a day to day basis. Safety Management is part of a system that is commonly known in the Safety and Compliance industry as a Safety Management Cycle (SMC). JJ. Keller
There’s a huge hype in the Transportation Industry about how much the Transportation Industry is going to lose implementing ELD’s, but I often question how much attention was even given to the benefits they could provide, let alone the fact that proper management, not software applications, really determines the value and the cost of Electronic Log Devices. Grant Conrad, Operations Manager at CompliancyPlus+
“For me, I always judge prices based on value, I never judge the value of something based on its price.”
“We offer a low cost and effective solution for training your staff and monitoring your drivers.”
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