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Hiller Truck Tech

By Al Tucker

When it comes to saving fuel and the environment, one Ontario company stands out in my opinion – Hiller Truck Tech Inc. It is ideally located just a “Nine Iron” off the 401 near the Hwy 97 intersection in Ayr, Ontario. Owner David Hiller began his career as a licensed mechanic and his work preference was Engines. He soon decided to run his own business, so in 2004, with the encouragement and support of his partner and wife Genevieve, they started Hiller Truck Tech Inc. Initially they offered anti-idle solutions such as APU’s, cab/engine heaters as well as mobile Diesel repair services. Interest in Alternate Fuels was growing so they decided to set up a full-service facility in Ayr. Today, Hiller is considered by his customers to be a “Trailblazer” in compressed natural gas (CNG) conversions.
With the abundance of natural gas in Canada, converting commercial heavy-duty Trucks/Tractors from dependence on Diesel fuel is an ideal solution for the industry to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG’s). Statistics estimate up to an 18% reduction in GHG emissions combined with a 20-30% reduction in fuel costs. Hiller is certified through the TSSA (Technical Safety Standards Association) to install conversion kits and to service vehicles equipped with compressed natural gas (CNG) or Propane.
To help transition Truck/Tractor operators towards their “Green Objectives”, Hiller offers “Dual Fuel” conversions of natural gas and diesel or propane and diesel that can run up to 50% CNG/50% diesel, blending a higher percentage of CNG to diesel than propane.
Hiller also installs Dual Fuel propane or CNG injection systems on light vehicle applications whereby your drivers can operate on propane or CNG but can switch back to a traditional gasoline system with the flip of a switch. Hiller’s expert team of licensed mechanics and certified technicians will take all the guesswork out of your conversion.
Since September 1st 2017, under the MTO’s “Green Commercial Vehicle Program” (GCVP), incentives are provided for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles. Conversions from conventional fuel to CNG (Class 6-8 only) offers up to 40% of the cost, to a cap of $30,000 per vehicle. Hiller is also in a position to help you choose other eligible fuel saving options such as Side Skirts, Electric Auxiliary Power Units and Cab Heaters and Coolers. For all the grant details, go here. Of course, the team at Hiller Truck Tech is always on hand to answer any questions with your grant application.
One of the lingering issues that have slowed down the adoption of CNG vehicles has been the shortage of Public Access ‘Refueling Stations”. Hiller has a Refueling station onsite. Currently there are five Public Access CNG stations around Ontario that accommodate Class 8 Trucks in Ayr (Hiller Truck Tech), Woodstock (Rural Green Energy), Mississauga (GAIN), Aylmer (Kingsmill Grain), and Stratford (Core Fuels). Plans are underway to increase the number of Class 8 public access refueling stations at more strategic locations along the Hwy 401 corridor in Windsor, London and Napanee; opening summer of 2018. These stations are conveniently located at Truck Stops (Husky Travel Centre and Shell Flying J) partnering with Union Energy Solutions Ltd. Partnership (an unregulated affiliate of Union Gas Ltd.).
Would you like to try out a CNG/Dual Fuel Vehicle? Hiller can help with their CNG/DEMO Program. Lease a CNG converted Tractor for a couple of months and experience the difference. The program has attracted a lot of attention with major fleets. How about Labatt’s and UPS for starters. Hiller today services customers Canada wide and even into the US. Now that’s what I call a Canadian Success Story!
For the rest of the story visit www.hillertrucktech.com. Tuck

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