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iMVR Welcomes THRSC Atlantic

Trucking Human Resource Sector Council (THRSC) Atlantic partners with iMVR Inc. proudly launching IRIS Version 1.0. Educate, support and develop professional and rewarding driving career opportunities.
Kelly Henderson Executive Director, THRSC Atlantic and Katrina Henderson, Project Director, THRSC Atlantic look forward to introduce this new tool of training to transportation in the Atlantic. Together, they see the vision of how this will attract and recruit more millennials and those wishing to enter the industry for a job change. “We are going to make a difference, leading the industry as we see the value in this remarkable tool,” says Kelly Henderson.
“Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for THRSC Atlantic and iMVR Inc. in Canada,” said Vickie DeVos, CEO and President, iMVR Inc. “Bringing our companies together will allow us to deliver an effective experience for drivers in Atlantic Canada, focusing on what matters most – helping to enhance driving performance, every day. Creating confidence in day to day situations, experiences with Canada’s first Eye Tracked replay program.”
“Great potential for integrating Virtual Reality into your plan will impact your long term goals. Studies support VR learning to be significantly better in retention than traditional methods. Leading companies are investing in VR and applying non-traditional methods to grow their business, company culture initiatives, human resources, education and training. This is eye-tracked virtual reality, the next step of advancement,” said Harry Yoo, Chief Operating Officer, iMVR Inc.
This cutting edge technology not only tracks your eye movement but goes a step further by introducing its self-created A-I technology to bring attention the areas of concern, training and enhancing how and where the driver reacts and looks.
About THRSC Atlantic
The Mission – Trucking Human Resource Sector Council (THRSC) will work with key stakeholders to address human resource needs of the trucking industry in Atlantic Canada. Introducing this valuable tool to the industry bringing safety, awareness and focused attention to behaviour driving, visit www.thrsc.com.
About iMVR Inc.
iMVR Inc. is a software development company that utilizes eye tracking technology in Virtual Reality with AI technology. IRIS is software that is customizable and is developed for the trucking industry, with a recall system to review the behaviour of where the driver’s eye was looking. IRIS is a fully immersive virtual world which will enhance driving performance. The capability to review the driving experience opens the doors to communication which simply enhances and strengthens the skills of the driver.
As well, clients have their privacy guaranteed. Each purchaser of their program is issued a unique ID and password in accordance with iMVR’s licence. “This ID will always be their iMVR ID# which is transferable from iMVR licence holder to another licence holder once the waivers have been completed. This transfer can only be completed by the staff at iMVR. This allows future employers and due diligence file to go to the next step. For example from driving school to carrier or carrier to carrier to complement their driving record searches and employment history confirmations,” says Vickie DeVos.
For more information contact Vickie DeVos, CEO & President, iMVR Inc., 855.224.4687 or visit www.imvr.ca.V

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