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Fluid Storage & Dispensing Solutions

Ingersoll Petroleum Services is a distributor for OPW Fuel Management Systems, tank gauge equipment Commercial pumps and dispensers, The Tank Shop above ground tank systems, waste oil tanks and cardlock weather enclosures are based out of Cobourg, Ontario. We also specialize in DEF bulk storage and dispensing solutions as we are distributors for KleerBlue and Piusi DEF equipment.
Founded in 1999 by Rod Ingersoll, the company has been serving the petroleum industry in Ontario for 18 years. Rod has 36 years of industry experience. Rod and his team have been working with customers to fulfill their needs and develop innovative ways to ensure every unique site reaches their end goal.
The benefits of securing and monitoring your site with cardlock equipment and technology are never ending. In many cases fuel is a company’s most expensive asset. Proper fuel management systems and software can track every litre of fuel from the time it’s delivered at your site until it’s pumped into your fleet of vehicles. The software can allow you to create driver and vehicle profiles to ensure all of your drivers are accountable for their vehicles’ fuel consumption. This type of detailed management can reduce fuel loss and provide clarity for conflicting fuel totals during the inventory management process. By choosing to implement a cardlock system at your site you are choosing to protect your assets, greatly improve your fuel retention totals and lower your company’s fuel costs. We work with our clients from start to finish ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.
Diesel exhaust fluid affects consumers who have fleets that consist of diesel vehicles that are 2010 or newer models. Diesel exhaust fluid is a solution that is sprayed into the exhaust system of a vehicle to reduce the output of harmful emissions. Ingersoll Petroleum has been an industry leader in diesel exhaust fluid storage and dispensing solutions since 2012. We have the ability to supply tote pump kits, drum pump kits and portable tanks to consumers in need of a smaller solution. For the larger operations we can provide above and below ground bulk storage tanks, all-in-one DEF systems, tank gauges, dispensing equipment and all hanging hardware. Large or small, you can trust that we will be able to meet any diesel exhaust fluid equipment demands that you may have.
When it comes to after sale support our customer service is second to none. At Ingersoll Petroleum we believe that it’s just part of a great business relationship to consistently support our customers even long after the sale is complete. Whether you run into technical issues 6 months after the sale or 3 years, we offer free telephone technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
To learn more or request a consultation contact us at: Toll Free 855.666.6731, local 905.372.1723 or email mail@ingersollpetroleum.ca.

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