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Driver Recruiting Initiative

Kim Richardson, Transportation Specialists

Caledonia, Ontario – Long time industry veteran carrier J.G. Drapeau recently launched a program to recruit entry level drivers into the trucking industry. Partnering with KRTS, they are using their trailers that travel across all of North America, but more specifically in Ontario, to encourage people interested in getting their license to do so at a professional truck training school. Matt Richardson from KRTS says, “We welcome the opportunity to partner with great carriers like J.G. Drapeau. Margaret does an excellent job of recruiting drivers and showing that she cares about entry level drivers and their future in the industry.”J.G. Drapeau Limited is a family owned Canadian based Transport Company established in 1970 by George and his wife Jocelyne Hogg and now services all of North America. Margaret Hogg, General Manager of J.G. Drapeau, has been a part of the business for 17 years and is a strong supporter of not only entry level drivers but at educating people interested in getting into the industry. During a recent visit with Kim Richardson, Margaret explained what she saw as the value in promoting a professional truck driving school on their trailers. She said, “Promoting how essential a school like KRTS is to support our industry to know that they are getting valuable, great drivers behind the wheel”. To Margaret and others in the industry it is extremely important to know that a driver has received the best possible training to provide some peace of mind when hiring. Margaret also points out that it shows a commitment on the part of the driver, that they care about their future and are serious about being a successful driver. For people thinking about getting their license to become a truck driver Margaret suggests it’s important. “You can learn about the industry as well, not just driving a truck but all aspects of the trucking industry.”
It is creative initiatives like this that is going to help in the recruitment of entry level drivers into the trucking industry. There are a number of organizations and associations that are working on getting involved with school boards and counsellors to strengthen the outlook of the industry so that people will consider trucking as a viable career.
For more information, please contact Kim Richardson – KRTS office at 800.771.8171 x 201 or cell 905.512.0254 or email krichardson@krway.com, contact Margaret Hogg – J.G. Drapeau at 800.792.7328 or email margaret@jgdrapeau.com.

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