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Kärcher Easy!Force Trigger Gun

Zero Holding Force HP Cleaner

By Marek Krasuski

Kärcher Canada is a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and consumer cleaning equipment. In addition to providing superior grade pressure washers, Kärcher has gained a stellar reputation as a solid community partner, notably by supporting the preservation of over 100 historical buildings and monuments worldwide – all free of charge. Its heralded position as the first among many competitors developed through assiduous efforts to achieve optimal product development.

Innovation is the foundation upon which Kärcher Canada has built an international reputation. In 2015 the company introduced the digitisation of various products such as fleet management systems for building service contractors and the consumer product market.

More recently, Kärcher invented a device to save time and relieve the pressure and fatigue of operators faced with the physically demanding task of high pressure cleaners. The ergonomically designed Easy!Force trigger gun is a common sense reversal of trigger designs. Triggers are typically located on the inside of the grip. The pulling force on the finger and forearm, caused by statically holding down a traditional trigger, quickly leads to finger and forearm fatigue and the imprecise control of the spray wand due to hand and forearm cramps and muscle strain.

The Easy!Force trigger, conversely, has the trigger situated at the back of the handle, meaning operators no longer have to use their fingers to activate the trigger on high pressure guns. Instead, they easily depress the trigger by pushing it into the handle with the ball of the hand or palm. The recoil of the water keeps the trigger depressed into the ball or palm of the hand with zero holding force. An added feature is the trigger safety which, once engaged, allows for the continuous release of high pressure flow. The trigger gun, and water flow, remain open until the trigger is released and the gun is immediately switched off. Kärcher describes how the product works and its benefit to operators. “The main feature is the trigger, which is pushed into the handle with the ball of the hand. When the trigger is operated, the recoil of the water spray automatically presses the trigger into the hand, which contributes to effortless use.” Indeed, where static muscle strain was once concentrated in the fingers and forearm, it is now effortless to depress the trigger with the palm.

The benefits of the Easy!Force trigger gun are reaffirmed by independent, expert analysis by Dr. Pfaller, a physician with experience in ergonomics in the workplace. Pfaller explains: “Static work, where a muscle remains contracted for a period of time without movement, is one of the main causes of muscular strain. This ergonomically sophisticated solution greatly supports the ability of the operator to work with the pressure washer for long periods without fatigue.”

Uniquely designed to achieve zero holding force, the Easy!Force trigger gun is longer lasting – up to five times longer, Kärcher says, due to the elimination of conventional valves which can be damaged by particles. Easy!Force consists of valves with a ceramic ball and ceramic sealing that resist the infiltration of damage-causing particles, resulting in longer life over trigger guns with conventional valves.

Additional technical improvements are also found in the Easy!Lock patented system of attachment connection options which, through innovative design, are safer, more robust, and longer lasting. The connecting and disconnecting of different attachments, previously a time consuming operation, has been improved with a quick locking system. Easy!Lock is designed with a quadruple trapezoidal thread which allows for a simple 360 degree turn to connect/disconnect all attachments and accessories from high pressure cleaners.

Established in 1935, Kärcher Canada boasts a long and rich tradition in the provision of quality products. This same level of innovation is demonstrated most recently with the release of the Easy!Force trigger gun and the companion Easy!Lock system.

Contact Kärcher Canada at www.karcher.ca.

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