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By Marek Krasuski

It is said that in order to achieve maximum results in any endeavour the participants need to have ‘skin in the game.’ From its inception Krown, Canada’s #1 rust protection solutions provider, has fully embraced this principle. Krown is a unique Canadian-owned and operated vehicle maintenance business. Each Krown Dealer in a nationwide network owns its business, free from encumbrances like top-down direction typical of conventional franchise relationships. Consequently, every dealer in this Dealer Co-op structure is personally vested in meeting Krown’s standards of excellence, and freely contributes its expertise to product development in the entire Krown network of some 230 dealers.
Through years of experience Krown has been able to combine break-through innovation with continuous improvement to deliver the #1 rust protection in Canada. Krown’s rust protection product is a leap forward in innovation.
Known for continuous commitment to research and development, Krown, a proudly owned and managed Canadian company, solves problems before they arise thanks to ‘The Krown Product,’ its signature Preventative Maintenance Program. Krown is about more than undercoating – much more! Annually certified technicians apply the company’s industry-leading, solvent free and self healing rust inhibitor and lubricant to all vulnerable parts of a vehicle – first to dissipate moisture, and then to prevent corrosion.
Paul Kirkup, Krown’s National Fleet Manager, draws attention to the ever-present intrusion of moisture and the company’s success in eradicating this persistent hazard. “Good corrosion protection is based upon removing moisture from the surface of metal and leaving behind a film that will bond to the metal to repel moisture and prevent corrosion. Krown’s program addresses cleaning issues as an important factor in proper corrosion protection, and we’ve recently introduced a product that is specifically designed to combat the Calcium and Magnesium Chlorides that are being used in pre-wetting/de-icing applications. It is called Salt Eliminator. This product can be added either to your pre-washing of the vehicle (especially for salt trucks) or it can be part of the service that Krown will provide to you,” Kirkup explained.
What may surprise many is the fact that spring is the time of year when corrosion is most prevalent. Once the weather warms the de-icing agents that are on the vehicles will become active again. This, coupled with moisture, increases the rate of corrosion significantly. To this end Kirkup advises that “a good cleaning and spraying program in the spring will go a long way to protect equipment, thereby reducing corrosion-related problems with electrical components, extending vehicle life, and ultimately fetching a higher re-sale value at auction,” he said, followed with a reminder that all Krown products are environmentally friendly.
In its twofold approach, first to moisture displacement and then to protection, Krown developed its hallmark product known by its trade name T-40, a clean, non-flammable and non-toxic product. Paul Kirkup describes its effectiveness. “The T-40 is designed to displace moisture and leave a thin viscous film to repel dampness and salt from the metal. It also protects areas such as the trim around windows, handles, headlights, and taillights.” The Krown product is designed to lubricate moving parts on equipment, as well as protect electrical connections from corroding.
Fleets, especially, appreciate Krown’s Body Maintenance Program thanks to the various cost-saving benefits it yields. Chief among them are reduced replacement of parts and body panels, reduced downtime, enhanced appearance of vehicles, safer vehicle operation, and higher resale value.
For a full understanding of how The Krown Product provides exceptional protection and lubrication in vehicles, electrical connections and metal parts, contact this premier company at www.krown.com.

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