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Bandit Big Rig Series

Blooming Prairie, Minnesota – Bandit Big Rig Series driver Chris Kikelhan knows all about racing, but he still considers himself just a normal guy.
“Being a small fleet owner and participating in the Bandit Series gives me a chance to enjoy something competitive in the same field as I work in every day,” Kikelhan said.
Kikelhan drove the #01 Sundance truck to victory at Hickory Motor Speedway last fall, and he’ll never forget the feeling.
“People waited around long after the race,” Kikelhan said. “We were standing over by the fence and they’re trying to call me over for an autograph! It was crazy. I’m just an Average Joe having a blast.”Kikelhan is one of several small fleet owners participating in the Bandit Big Rig Series. Allen Boles owns and operates Jupiter Enterprises out of North Carolina, but he also drives the #3 Volvo in the Bandit Series.
“It’s unreal. The fans treat us like stars, but we’re just out there having fun,” Boles said. “It’s pretty cheap, too. If you’ve got an old truck lying around, all you have to do is throw a cage in it, weld some bumpers on and put a fuel cell on the back. Turn the key and have a great time.”
“There’s also a $50,000 purse for each race, so you’ve got a great opportunity to win some of your investment back,” Kikelhan said. “Win a couple features and you’re probably out ahead!”
For a look at the 2017 schedule, visit the Bandit website at www.banditseries.com.
About Bandit Big Rig Series
The Bandit Big Rig Series returns big rig tractor truck racing to the short track in the United States. The series was designed to be affordable and accessible for anyone wishing to put together a race team.

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