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Murray’s Driver Appreciation

By George Fullerton

George Fullerton

Murray’s Irving Truck Stop at Exit 191 in Woodstock, New Brunswick stepped up to celebrate National Trucking Week with their Driver Appreciation Days. Murray’s has conducted their Driver Appreciation events for the past ten years.
Calvin Grant, current Owner/Manager is the grandson of Company Founder, Murray Grant, who established the family business on the Trans-Canada Highway at Meductic, New Brunswick in 1958. The business moved to its current location in 2003 after the Trans-Canada Highway route changed.
Murray’s celebrated driver appreciation with breakfast, lunch and supper offerings for professional truck drivers who stopped in. The truck stop enjoyed the support of GTL and their staff who provided breakfast, while McConnell Transport offered lunch, and Ayr Transport played host to the supper crowd.
“We get great support from different trucking companies from year to year to support the food events, and we also get support from other trucking companies and associated businesses to provide prizes for drivers, (and sometimes their families) who stop in for the occasion,” explained Owner Calvin Grant.
The food was served under a large tent set up in the parking lot. “We had reps stopping by from all kinds of associated businesses including this year from Irving oil and Parts For Trucks,” Grant said.
Murray’s also organized a raffle for their diesel purchasers. Prizes included a CanAm Defender side by side off-road vehicle. The machine was won by Midland driver, Victor Breau.
“We look forward to National Trucking Week and our driver appreciation event every year. It is a chance to give back to our many clients. It’s good for the industry, our community and especially for the drivers,” commented Grant.
The second National Trucking Week event organized by Murray’s was a golf tournament with the proceeds going to the Upper River Valley Cancer Society and children suffering from cancer.
Brennan Farms brought some nostalgia and truck lore to support Murray’s driver appreciation events. Their support included two vintage cabover Freightliners, 1987 and 1994 model years, in addition to a 1983 Kenworth high rise cabover, a 1985 Ford cabover and a conventional 1971 long nose GMC.
Robert Brennan, Owner/Manager of Brennan Farms Ltd., is the person responsible for the vintage cabovers. Robert confesses that restoring the trucks has become ‘a bit of a habit’. In addition to the displayed trucks he has two more projects underway at their shop in Hartland, New Brunswick.
“We have a slab cab Freightliner which I think is going to turn out really nice, and I recently bought a 1975 Peterbilt Cabover Glider Kit.”
Brennan parks his project trucks in their service shop in Hartland. Two of their technicians share their time between projects and service work on the Brennan Farms. Brennan Farms operates a fleet, primarily dump trailers hauling grain, lime and salt, as well as hiring out to haul other commodities shipped by dump trailer.
Brennan Farms also owns Hartland Agromart Ltd., a fertilizer plant and a grain brokerage business, in addition to providing ‘for hire service’.
Driver appreciation events are part of National Trucking Week which is promoted by the Canadian Trucking Alliance and their provincial member associations. National Trucking Week begins on the first Saturday in September and in addition to involving associations, it invites trucking companies and associated businesses to get involved in celebrating and promoting events that recognize the contribution of some 400,000 persons involved in the Canadian trucking industry.
In addition to sponsoring special driver BBQs and breakfasts, businesses get involved by providing special giveaways, and focused advertising in support of drivers and the trucking industry.

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