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Opening of New NATT Facility

By Marek Krasuski

The Northern Academy of Transportation Training (NATT) has been providing commercial driver training for many years, earning a reputation as a trusted and respected leader in the truck training industry. NATT has been a Registered Private Career College for over 25 years and in 2011 was added to the TPS (Total Personnel Solutions) Group of Companies. This Sudbury based firm, under the stewardship of company President and Owner Kevin Pattison, has expanded the range of services NATT provides. On October 13th NATT celebrated the grand opening of its new training facility at 98 Fielding Road in Lively, Ontario near Sudbury. The grand opening is emblematic of NATT’s diversification from AZ and DZ licensing into many courses in the industrial and commercial sectors.
The grand opening featured lunch and beverages and was attended by many regional stakeholders representing all relevant sectors. Among the highlights was a diverse display of retrieval equipment, particular to this site which is the foundation for industrial training. NATT provides a breadth of industrial training for customers ranging from municipalities, mining companies, and virtually any environment where emergency situations can occur. Training is offered to health and safety officers, supervisors, coordinators, attendants and rescuers. This, in addition to truck training delivered through the parent company TPS. Courses include, but by no means are limited to, Electrical Safety Awareness, Confined Space Training, Load Security, Pre-Trip Inspections, WHMIS, and Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Indeed, NATT in conjunction with TPS, provide over 300 courses.
Jennifer Roy is NATT’s Divisional Manager and Safety Trainer who guided observers through the various stages being undertaken in an outdoor retrieval simulation. Onsite is a re-engineered storage container modified for retrieval exercises. Atop the container is an anchor point attached to a retrieval winch that lowers first responders through a hole into a created confined space where they must find the casualty and perform a vertical extraction. Rescuers have to identify the dangers and communicate as a team. “They have to work out simulations which mirror real life scenarios in industrial settings,” she explained.
Roy also listed requirements for earning certification for confined space rescue. “Trainees must pass a standard level of safety training. They also must pass mock rescues, testing, and an expectation timeline. As well, they must be in good physical shape and mentally sound. For this training we simulate panic situations, claustrophobic environments and entanglement scenarios to ensure they keep a good frame of mind when an emergency actually happens,” she said.
Next to the storage container is another training environment in the form of a recently purchased pipe spanning some 18 feet with a 24-inch entry point into a cavernous space with a 3 foot diameter. “This pipe,” said company spokesman Mark Arnold, “really takes rescue trainees to the next level. This is where we really measure the capabilities of our rescue staff.”
Parent company Total Personnel Solutions(TPS) opened their doors in 2001, beginning with a focus on providing the most qualified employees to their trucking clients. TPS has over 30 years’ combined experience in servicing all sectors – transportation, commercial and industrial. The company, in conjunction with NATT, offers full service recruitment and personnel solutions, and workforce management specialists.
For more information on NATT, a registered private career college, and Total Personnel Solutions, contact both companies at info@tpsgroup.ca.

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