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Record Attendance at 20th NHES

By Marek Krasuski

Canada’s largest heavy equipment show celebrated its 20th anniversary April 6 and 7 at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Innovative designs, cutting edge products for every conceivable sector were on display – industrial eye candy for both industry veterans and neophytes alike. Exhibitors were present from the heavy equipment, road building, construction, forestry, landscaping, aggregates and other related industries. This year especially – the National Heavy Equipment Show (NHES) is a biennial event – saw a strong representation from suppliers of machinery dedicated to infrastructure improvement, thanks in large part to funding in the amount of some $125 billion from the Ontario and Federal governments. Canada is under construction and there was no shortage of equipment at the Show to handle any job.National Show Manager John Cusack described the event as a success. “Our preregistration numbers were up significantly and there’s lots of rubber boots on the floor. There are 350 exhibitors here and we expect to bring in over 13,000 visitors during the two day event,” he said.
Others shared Cusack’s enthusiasm. Funding Specialist for AKR Consulting, Oraine DeRosa credited the show for its organization and the benefits it yielded. “It gave us an opportunity to meet new companies that we could form alliances with and with whom we shared information about our services,” she said. Since 2003 AKR Consulting Canada Inc. specializes in helping companies obtain Government Rebates, Subsidies, Refunds, Tax Credits and Grants. Of note to industry stakeholders is the Fuel Rebate program available for companies that use generators as a main source of power on their projects. Additionally, there are rebates for companies with refrigerated trucks and dump trucks. Some of these rebates are retroactive for up to 4 years. DeRosa explained: “Some companies are not aware of the fact that these rebates exist. We also assist companies with other funding programs such as the Hiring Grant and the Job Training Grant. AKR Consulting will find the greatest amount of grant money available for each of the companies we work with. We prepare the necessary paperwork and the applications, and are able to simplify the entire process for our clients.” Visit their website at www.akrconsulting.com.
Prominent among suppliers of infrastructure and road building equipment was Trackstack, provider of a variety of Stockpilers, Loaders and Unloaders. The tracked stockpiler, model 8042T for example, is prized for its versatility as an ideal mobile stockpiling solution for a number of applications. The 8042T receives material directly from a crusher or screen or can be installed in a close circuit application. Other features include a production rate of up to 600 tonnes per hour, a stockpiling capacity of 2162m3, and fuel reduction features such as Hi-Torque drive and compatible engine size. Find out more by searching www.trackstackuk.com.
As expected, truck builders were on hand to display the latest features of their newest builds for specific construction applications. Kyle Cybulski of Surgenor Truck Group explained the multifunctional benefits of Volvo’s off-highway VHD Series trucks. The 2017 Dump Truck is powered by a 405 hp, engine with 1550 lb. torque with fully automatic I-Shift transmission. Packaged for the smaller general contractor working in tight places, this Dump has an 18 ft box that replaces the standard 20.5 box, and comes with a lighter axle, lighter frame rail, and lighter rear end. “It’s three feet shorter than your standard triaxle,” Cybulski says, “but overall you’re still getting good payload.” The VHD runs about $30,000 less than standard triaxles.
Earth moving work is integral to infrastructure and new roads and bridges, particularly in this national expansion phase, and machinery representatives were available to promote their latest products designed to handle the most rugged of environments. Liebherr, one of the largest manufacturers of construction machinery, sported a range of hydraulic excavators, heavy duty crawler cranes, tractors and loaders as well as telescopic handlers, wheel loaders and articulated trucks. Liebherr crawler tractors are multifunctional, providing ideal solutions for heavy ripping work, material moving, and fine grading. Multi-tasked excavators, another staple of the Liebherr product line, have high lift capacity, maximum digging force, and low fuel consumption. A machine for virtually any heavy duty construction, earth moving or lifting task, Liebherr’s full product range is available at www.liebherr.com.
Wacker Neuson, a diverse company with machinery for applications in multiple sectors, highlighted a representative selection of equipment. Easily identified by its trademark yellow colours, the company is noted for material handling equipment, snow removal, construction, municipal, and landscaping machinery. A wide network of dealers and warranty-backed products add to the company’s solid reputation. Check out their product range – wheel loaders, excavators, dumpers, track loaders and more at www.wackerneuson.com.
With a dizzying range of construction equipment, JCB is one of the world’s largest producers with 12,000 employees and product distribution to 150 countries through 2,000 dealer locations. From backhoes to bulldozers, excavators to engines, and tractors to teletrucks, their equipment meets job-specific challenges in all industries, among them construction, agriculture, waste recycling, demolition, landscaping and snow removal, visit www.jcb.com.
Other exhibitors at this year’s show targeted more specific applications. The Quebec-based Metal Pless Inc. (www.metalpless.com) focuses primarily on blades and plows, earning the distinction as the “#1 Snow Plow Manufacturer Worldwide.” A variety of snow plow and graders are designed to be installed on tractors, backhoes, wheel loaders, skid steers, trucks and sidewalk equipment. Snow plow models are available in a number of configurations and are equipped with mobile steel trip edging that follows the imperfection of roads. This feature, exclusive to the Metal Pless system, reduces the use of salt and abrasives by up to 50 percent. Distinguishing characteristics of its products, the company says, are greater visibility – the blade is two feet closer to the tractor, reduced weight on the front axle and reduced wear on front tires. High quality manufacturing materials assure durability, reduced maintenance costs and high resale value.
Relatively new to the North American market is the company Rototilt® which established operations here in 2007 following a robust market presence in Europe. Rototilt’s signature product is the tiltrotator, an add-on that acts as a transforming device to allow excavators and backhoes to perform on-site tasks in limited space with reduced manpower. A 40 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation allows for a greater variety of work that hones in on nimble operations in hard-to-get spaces. According to Gerry Mallory, General Manager of Rototilt, breaking into the market was challenging until customers saw for themselves the benefits of harnessing this technology. “We worked hard to convince contractors of the tremendous time and labour savings alone with a Rototilt equipment machine and why it was standard equipment in Northern Europe, but it wasn’t easy. Let’s just say it takes time to change people’s minds and how they work. One of the more unique challenges was to get our customers to tell others or share about how the tiltrotator changed their way of working and made their operations so much more efficient. It was such a big advantage against their competitors that they were very hesitant to share! It was almost like a secret,” he said. Peruse the multi-functional benefits of the tiltrotator at www.rototilt.com.
Another company specializing in devices to outfit machinery for specialty tasks is Magnum Attachments. Their product range includes hydraulic breakers, compactors, processing buckets, shears and pulverizers. Magnum also features Rotating Sorting Grapples constructed to meet the needs of the demolition, scrap handling, processing, waste handling and rock handling industries. All models are equipped with a large diameter heavy duty rotation motor providing maximum maneuverability that increases production over a standard fixed grapple. Contact the company at www.magnumattachments.com.
Also in attendance was Kärcher Canada, a cleaning solutions provider with a complete range of commercial cleaning equipment, accessories and parts to service the Canadian market. Kärcher pressure washers are available in a wide range of innovative product designs for multiple applications, and are highly prized for high efficiencies and feature-rich designs. Kärcher offers an extensive line of more than 100 commercial- and industrial-grade pressure washers and is the only brand in North America with a full complement of high-pressure cleaning equipment that boasts European technology and North American ruggedness. More information is available at www.karcher.ca.
A show of this magnitude would not be complete without providers of education who train the men and women to work on heavy duty machinery, especially today in light of an ongoing labour shortage in both the trucking and heavy equipment sectors. To this end Centennial College was on hand to transmit information to learners and companies about their Heavy Duty, Motive Power & Truck/Coach program. Check out program options at www.centennialcollege.ca. Another education provider was the Ontario Truck Training Academy (OTTA) promoting its latest heavy equipment training program. Instructors at the OTTA are experienced professionals with 25-plus years in the transportation industry. The OTTA is also a member of the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) which must meet specific terms and conditions to ensure that all individuals receive training that conforms to today’s standards and safety requirements, visit www.otta.ca.
The success of the National Heavy Duty Equipment Show hinged on the quality of exhibitors, the innovation of product designs, and the variety of related events such as Live Demos and discussions with experts available to provide instruction, highlight product features and benefits, and introduce veterans and learners alike to the benefits and opportunities of this exciting industry.
A full listing of all products and exhibitors at this anniversary event is available at www.nhes.ca.

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