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By Marek Krasuski:

Few would argue against the benefits brought by the mandatory installation of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) to commercial trucks, agricultural equipment, buses, construction equipment and automotive vehicles. Since their introduction, over 10 years ago, DPFs have reduced nitrogen oxides, soot and ash to negligible levels and virtually eliminated diesel odour. Objections, however, arise over the reality of costs. Extra maintenance and expenses are required to keep DPFs in good working order, often causing unscheduled downtimes for drivers on tight delivery deadlines.
For years the Winnipeg-based OBR Oil & Marine company has been providing engine oils and lubricants for the heavy equipment industry, including trucking, construction, automotive and marine customers.
OBR is the distributor of the fuel cleaning systems formulated by the German-based company GAT (German Automotive Technology) and provides a range of GAT products – the DPF Starter Kit, Air Jet Fluid, DPF Cleaning Liquids and DPF Purifier that work in tandem to clean diesel particulate filters and extend DPF life cycles to improve engine performance.
The benefit of using the GAT DPF CLEANING SOLUTION is that it extends the life of the DPF filter. Particulate traps do plug up with the accumulation of soot and ash. If they can be cleaned on the vehicle this saves time and money. Damaged DPFs have no value and their replacement costs can reach into the thousands of dollars. Of benefit to consumers of the GAT Starter Kit and related products is that DPFs can be cleaned without removal from the vehicle. Typically, dirty DPFs, are removed and placed on a machine for cleaning. OBR’s service solution from GAT cleans and services DPF filters right on the vehicle.
Included in the Starter Kit is the GAT DPF Air-Jet Fluid. This highly efficient liquid dissolves contaminants in the diesel particulate filter and regenerates its full functionality. The fluid is poured into a canister where it is pressurized and transformed into foam which is sprayed into the particulate trap on the vehicle. The foam seeps into the filter where it begins the process of dissolving the carbon inside the trap. The soot particles that have been dissolved during the cleaning process will be burnt during the regular regeneration process. The treatment is accompanied by the addition of the DPF Purifier into the diesel fuel tank. The advantages of the GAT solution? “It cleans the particulate filter and dissolves residue and contaminants, and provides an unmistakable cost benefit compared to installing a new DPF.”
Application of the Air-Jet Fluid requires adherence to several simple guidelines.
Before usage the engine must be turned off, the exhaust system is at room temperature, no leakage is present, and all relevant exhaust systems parts, such as the EGR valve, are working properly. Engine oil level should be checked before application. If contaminated with diesel fuel the oil needs to be changed before DPF cleaning begins. OBR recommends adding GAT Engine Purifier to oil before changing.
First, dismantle the temperature and/or pressure sensor from the DPF. Fill the DPF Air-Jet Fluid into the air pressure pistol, apply air pressure (35-60 lbs) and adjust pressure at the device. Then spray the product in 5 second intervals through the probe opening into the DPF. The DPF air jet fluid is mixed in a ratio from full concentrate to up to one part concentrate – three parts water. The ratio is to be determined by the level of DPF filter contamination. In case of strong contamination use a 1:1 ratio, and repeat if necessary. The product is sprayed into the DPF filter while the engine is running at idle. After the cleaning process a can of DPF purifier has to be added to the fuel tank – a forced REGEN should be implemented and the vehicle taken for a 20 minute test drive. This cleaning process should be implemented into regular maintenance schedules.
In extreme cases where the DPF Filter is plugged and cannot be cleaned with the GAT onboard cleaning system, the filter can be removed and cleaned with the GAT DPF cleaning liquid.
GAT DPF Cleaning Liquid is a highly efficient additive for the cleaning of dismantled diesel particulate filters. It dissolves contamination in the diesel particulate filter and regenerates its full functionality. As with the Air-Jet Fluid, the DPF Cleaning Liquid dissolves all operationally caused residues and contamination and is readily biodegradable.
The DPF Cleaning Fluid is mixed in a ratio of one part fluid to up to 4 parts water. Dilution will depend on the severity of soot contamination. A 1 part cleaning liquid to two part ratio is recommended. Initially mixing solution with hot water will is best.
Application procedures are equally straight forward: Simply remove the particulate filter and pour in the cleaning fluid. Allow the liquid to completely submerge the filter for up to 8 to 10 hours. Afterward, empty the particulate filter and rinse thoroughly with clear warm water before reassembling.
Full servicing of the diesel particulate filter would not be complete without the addition of the DPF Purifier into the diesel tank. Only a clean fuel system guarantees optimal operation of all system components, and efficient engine performance and minimum exhaust emissions. Regular use of the Purifier, with intervals of 5,000 kilometers, protects the DPF, reduces soot formation, and supports regeneration. Other benefits include reduced repair work and enhanced cold start properties. The Purifier acts as a de-foaming agent and promotes corrosion stability. It is compatible with all diesel engines and is suitable for all diesel fuels. The GAT DPF Purifier should be added before filling the tank. After the purifier has been added to the tank the engine should be given a forced regent and taken for a 20 minute test drive.
OBR Oil and Marine provides an optimal DPF cleaning treatment that helps keep DPF filters clean, reduces expensive repair work and extends DPF life, thereby reducing the frequency of high cost DPF replacement. For more information on this service solution that cleans without removing DPFs from vehicles, contact the company at: sales@obroilandmarine.com, or call 204.222.3782, 888.376.7359.

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