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Seafood Express (P.E.I.) Ltd. is a family owned and operated transportation company specializing in temperature controlled, cross-border freight. Over the last 30 years, the company has become one of the leading transportation companies in Atlantic Canada with the use of late-model power units, trailers and refrigeration units. Seafood Express (P.E.I.) Ltd. strives to excel by introducing new technologies in order to make the company and its drivers safer on the road, and more efficient delivering its customers’ freight. Company drivers enjoy many advantages, including but not limited to:
A family atmosphere within the workplace and over-the-road
The most innovative over-the-road technologies available
Competitive pay packages
Incentive/Bonus pay programs
Fuel programs in place to make fueling over the road hassle-free for the driver and
A full-service preventative maintenance department & maintenance program for all company equipment.
Under the ownership of Bill Keith over the last 30 years, Seafood Express (P.E.I.) Ltd. has developed a large, dedicated customer base across North America. With its main terminal located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the company has had great success in expanding its reach across Canada and the United States. With dedicated freight into the United States, into Central Canada and returning to the East Coast, Seafood Express (P.E.I.) Ltd. has the ability to keep its drivers moving. The company has also developed a platinum safety rating in the United States and Canada over 30 years of safe driving and maintenance records.
With Bill’s son Andy stepping into the business, the company has implemented many new technologies including, but not limited to: ultra-fuel efficient automatic power units, electronic communication and logging devices, dash cameras for driver safety, performance monitoring software and staff to help improve driver performance & development, maintenance software to assist drivers diagnose over-the-road maintenance issues, etc.
The company has also recently become Iron Apple Certified with a food safety plan in place that meets both US and Canadian food safety legislations. This ensures that customers’ food products are delivered safely, cleanly and efficiently.
Seafood Express (P.E.I.) Ltd. is also an Employer of Choice. Anonymous staff surveys have proven that the company, its staff, and its owners care about the people who work there and strive to make Seafood Express (P.E.I.) Ltd. the best possible workplace for drivers and staff.
Personal attention to driver needs is an on-going pursuit for the staff of Seafood Express (P.E.I.) Ltd. and the company does its best efforts in order to make the job of the company driver easier, safer, and more lucrative. That being said, the company realizes that home time is more important than ever so they do their best to ensure that all drivers have ample time behind the wheel as well as ample time at home with their families and friends.
To learn more about being a driver with Seafood Express (P.E.I.) Ltd., please visit www.seafoodexpress.pe.ca or call Melanie at 866.273.9147.

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