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Next Generation Idle-Free Climate Control

The Airworks® Genesis 100 is a revolutionary product engineered and manufactured by well-known Canadian manufacturer, Tiger Tool International Incorporated. Tiger Tool has had a presence in the commercial transportation industry for over 30 years and has built its reputation on designing and manufacturing tools that are cutting-edge, safe to use, and of the highest quality. Built on the backbone of Tiger Tool, Airworks incorporated these same principles into the Genesis 100 – the most advanced, state-of-the-art electric air-conditioning system that’s perfect for both individual rigs and entire fleets.
Having had previous experience in the electric-powered air-conditioning industry provided Tiger Tool with insight into common electrical and hardware issues associated with these systems. Topping the list were issues associated with safety, short run-time, and overall longevity. We recognized that these deficiencies would have to be addressed to make battery-operated units a feasible alternative to traditional engine-driven systems. “Airworks was conceived because we knew we could apply our manufacturing expertise and passion for quality products to deliver a superior air-conditioning unit that would out-perform the competition in every way”.“By focusing the design on dependability, longevity, and driver comfort, we created an electric A/C system that not only serves as a recruitment tool for rig and fleet owners, but also significantly increases savings by decreasing fuel and maintenance costs,” says Tiger Tool/Airworks Owner and President Ken Jansen. “We wanted to make Airworks the most high-performing, safe, and trouble-free system on the market. To achieve this, we spent a substantial amount of resources on research and development, but also took the time to engage with fleet owners and end users to truly understand the issues facing their industry today.”
With condenser units for electric A/C systems being located on the exterior of the vehicle, they are most often exposed to harsh conditions, and if not properly designed and installed, are vulnerable to rust, corrosion, leakage, and even electrical fires. The team at Tiger was determined to address these issues, so we incorporated technical contributions from various disciplines of our engineering and manufacturing staff into the design of the Genesis 100 to ensure these problems would be eliminated with our system.
The Genesis 100 produces over 10,000 BTU’s of cooling power, which allows it to effectively and efficiently change, maintain, and control the temperature of the cab. It’s also powerful enough to make these changes quickly, regardless of the cab’s internal temperature when you start the system. The system doesn’t just pick up where the OEM A/C left off – its superior cooling power is able to achieve your desired temperature right from the start even in the warmest, most uncomfortable climates.
Airworks also made safety a priority with the development of its patent pending SafeStop® technology. SafeStop is a proprietary device that automatically disconnects all electrical power to the system in the event of an electrical short, high amperage draw, or excessive heat detected from an electrical component. This technology shuts off the electricity at the source, eliminating the potential for fire and other electrical hazards, which remains a significant industry safety issue with other electrical AC systems. With SafeStop you can truly rest easy knowing that your operators and equipment are fully protected.
To minimize the space taken up in the cab, most of the system components are housed in the condenser assembly mounted to the vehicle’s exterior. While driving down the road, the low pressure area behind the truck becomes turbulent and draws moisture and other contaminants up onto the back of the truck where the condenser is situated. Therefore, we designed the Genesis 100 using materials that withstand severe manmade and natural elements. The frames and structural supports/brackets, as well as most fittings and hardware are made from corrosion-proof, high-grade 316 stainless steel. Other major components utilize anodized aluminum, and electrical components are IP67 and IP68 certified (defining the level of ingress protection against liquids and particles). The highly-rated materials used in the Genesis 100 combine to make the system completely weatherproof and eliminate any negative effects from the elements, ensuring the Genesis 100 will maintain its exceptional performance and appearance throughout its lifetime.
To tackle the problem of short run times typically associated with other battery-powered units, Tiger Tool created another innovative and proprietary operating feature. AccuSpeed® is a controller that automatically adjusts the A/C system to maintain the target temperature while ensuring maximum efficiency. Once a desired temperature is selected, AccuSpeed calculates the difference between the actual temperature and the set point to determine the most efficient cooling parameters. It minimizes spikes in current draw on electric motors, and fluctuations in fan speed, to maximize energy resources. As a result, the Genesis 100 is less taxing on the batteries and helps minimize the draw on the tractor’s alternator. With an outside temperature of 85°F and a set point of 70°F, the system can be expected to operate more than 19 hours* between charges, so operators can count on prolonged comfort – both on and off the road. The Airworks system’s batteries are recharged by the tractor’s alternator while driving.
When you make the decision to install the Airworks Genesis 100, you’re telling your operators that their comfort and safety are important to you. In addition, with driver turnover rates averaging in the ninetieth percentile (American Trucking Association 2012-2015), attracting and retaining the best employees is paramount to minimizing costs associated with hiring and training. Happy employees stay with you longer, resulting in significant long-term cost savings and more experienced drivers.
Idling a truck for long periods to keep the engine driven AC running, does more than just waste expensive fuel – it also leads to more frequent maintenance which takes the truck off the road more often. The Airworks Genesis 100 requires absolutely no fuel to run and allows maintenance intervals to be stretched out by reducing the amount of time the truck’s engine is running. The longevity of most filters and fluids in a tractor unit is measured in hours of service, so less time with the engine running results in fewer services and decreased shop time. Therefore, keeping a truck on the road ensures it is able to generate money for you, instead of costing you money while it’s sitting in the shop.
As idling laws become more enforced and financially onerous, it’s more important than ever to make the switch to idle-free A/C. Idling in restricted zones can result in penalties between $50 and $5,000 per infraction – which is a big gamble to take. The Airworks system complies with idle-free laws across North America so you can rest easy knowing you’re abiding by those laws.
Accidents are expensive. Damages, deductibles, down time, and other associated costs all eat away at profitability. There’s no easier way to increase safety while behind the wheel than the driver getting a good night’s sleep. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 2005 and 2009 an average of 83,000 vehicle crashes each year were related to drowsy driving. The Genesis 100 is extremely quiet, with no diesel engine or exhaust fumes to disturb a driver’s sleep. Well-rested drivers react quicker, drive safer, and stay on schedule more often.
When using the Airworks Genesis 100, you could realize an estimated $18,800 in cost savings over 5 years, and completely recover the full cost of the system in approximately 15 months or less.
The Airworks Genesis 100 idle-free air conditioning system works to safely keep operators cool and comfortable while the engine is powered off, helping improve the bottom line for Owner/Operators or Fleet Owners in multiple ways.
For additional information on the Airworks system, please call us at 800.857.1195, e-mail your contact information to info@airworks.com, or visit our website at www.airworks.com.

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